Sunday, September 12, 2010

Introduction (or "The Story of My Return to Literary Paradise")

My name is Jen and this is my shoddy attempt at a book blog.

I suppose I should begin by expressing my purpose behind said blog. I've been an avid YA reader since a series of vampire novels (which shall remain nameless, thank you) stole my heart back in November 2008 and reignited my passion for reading. My page-turning days were long since neglected, unless you count various tabloids, and I couldn't be more grateful for the return of my desire to devour as many books as possible.

Over the past two years, my constant craving for books has remained relatively concealed from the rest of the world. Other than one or two friends, to whom I gushed over the complexities of my favorite reading material, my literary outlet was limited. I had so much book love to spread, but no one wanted to listen (unless you count my husband, who didn't quite actively participate in the conversation, aside from a nod or grunt when I asked him if he heard me.) Earlier this year, I discovered something that enhanced my reading experience tenfold: the book blog.

I have always loved to write, though the quality is questionable at best.
I have always loved to read, though the material was less than intellectually stimulating for a decade or so.
I have always looked for a way to share the love for whatever I find interesting.
Obviously, a book blog would be the way to go.

So, after spending the last several months sharing my thoughts and feelings on GoodReads, I think I'm finally semi-prepared to take on this book blog thing.



Only time will tell.

I don't write well-structured reviews, nor do they have much rhyme or reason to them. I can guarantee there will be a lot of squeeing or maybe some nagging or griping, depending on my feelings for the books I read. I try to incorporate a degree of humor and wit into my reviews, but I can't promise that I'll make you laugh. I'm just looking forward ranting and raving in my own little personalized corner of the Interwebs, not to mention hopefully meeting a bunch of people who share my love for books. Plain and simple.

- Jen


  1. Hey! This is Alexa from GR. :)

    I think you'll do just fine on the book blog! :D I have one, but I don't do much. I'm not even sure I can exactly call my blog a book blog. lol :P Anyway, your blog is looking good! Keep it up! :)

  2. Oh yeah, a certain vampire series got me back into reading too! ;P At least that is something I can appreciate about that series.

  3. I think that, as much as people gripe about it now, the YA paranormal genre's popularity wouldn't be anything close to what it is because of that series. And we wouldn't have the chance to read the amazing books we discuss on GoodReads (ahem, Varen!) if it weren't for the sparkly vamps. No complaints here :)

  4. Congratulations on starting your blog! Love the name! It's very fitting.

  5. Thanks Jacinda! I am totally out of my element, but we'll see how it goes :) thank you for following!