Sunday, October 24, 2010

In My Mailbox (6)

In My Mailbox is hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren. She's fab.

I got a lot of books this week, which is good and bad, I guess. Good because it's books. Bad because my TBR is ever growing.

Forget You and Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols
Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

Rae by Chelsea Rae Swiggert
Alexis by Alexis Singer
Hannah by Hannah Westburg
(Thanks, Kelsey, for those three!)
The Limit by Kristen Langdon
(Thanks, Eleni, for your fab Twitter Contests!)

And I traded for Extraordinary by Nancy Werlin :)

Short & sweet, guys. Looking forward to YOUR IMMS!


  1. Did you start "Forget You" yet? You know how I feel about "Going Too Far" so I'm shocked at myself that I haven't been bought "Forget You" yet. And yay! Nightshade! Can't wait for that after all the hype.

  2. I loved Going Too Far! It's one of my fave books. :D Hope Nightshade is good. :)

  3. JENNIFER ECHOLS!!!! LOVE her books! I need to buy Nightshade! You got some great books this week! Rae is a good book! I even have a mention in it! ha! Hope you enjoy! Happy reading!

  4. Great books! I love Jennifer Echols and I loved Nightshade.

    Hope you enjoy them all! :)

  5. Great books! I loved Nightshade and Forget You and the Louder Than Words books are great :) Enjoy!

  6. nightshade is fantastic!! i hope you enjoy it too!

  7. Great books! I'm really interested in Extraordinary.

  8. Great mailbox this week! Hope you have a fun time reading them all :)

    Come by to see what's in my mailbox this week

  9. Awesome mailbox! I'm super jealous right now that you got Nightshade, Forget You, and Going Too Far. Looking forward to see what you think! :)

  10. Lots of lovely books this week! Jennifer Echols is one of my fave authors, so I really hope you enjoy reading her novels!! :)

  11. I just got Nightshade too :D I hope it's good

  12. That is one lovely set of books :) I can't wait to hear what you think about the Jennifer Echols' books and Nightshade is just gorgeous. Good luck studying - you will rock it out!

  13. Wow! So many great books this week for you. I especially am jealous this week of the Echol's books. Hope you enjoy your week! :)

    Mine is here:

  14. Can't wait to hear what you think of Nightshade. I am desperate for my copy to arrive. And love Going Too Far. Happy reading Jen :)

  15. Oh, yes, Going Too Far. I feel like this is the 30th blog I've pimped this on, but I am SO glad you purchased THAT BOOK. I'm making lusty eyes at it right now. And the one I'm lending to a friend tomorrow. I clearly have separation issues with awesome books.

  16. oooo! Jealous! I've been wanting to pick up something from Jennifer Echols! Hope you love it!

  17. I've been wanting to read Nightshade! I've heard good things!

  18. This mailbox is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! So many contest won! Wow congrats! Am waiting for Nightshade:)

  19. You've won an award!

    Kate @ Literary Explorations

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