Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday (1)

"Waiting on" Wednesday is hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine, where bloggers can talk about the not-yet-released book that they're dying to get their hands on!

Okay. I've talked about this over and over andoverandoverandoveragain.
Everyone else on the PLANET, I feel, has read this and raved about it.
And it's only a couple weeks away from the release date, but I still feel like it's an eternityyyy away (and time... goes by... so slowlyyyy... and time can do so much. Righteous Brothers? Anyone?)


Why do I want this book so incredibly bad that I would permanently give up sweatpants and cheese just to have it? (Okay, UNTIL I have it.)

1. Werewolves. And the guy isn't the werewolf. The GIRL is. I will never stop loving werewolves.
2. The cover. Let's not fool ourselves, here.
a. 464 pages LONGBOOKLONGBOOK!! Huzzah for details (hopefully) !
3. Love triangle. I can't hate them. You cannot make me. I know the "team" thing is tired and overused and meh. But competition and suspense, ahoy.
4. I want it.
5. I don't have it yet.
6. I still have to wait 13 days to get it.

Please, Christopher Walken, show up in my Bed Bath and Beyond (a la the movie Click) with a magical remote so I can fast-forward through these next couple torturous weeks until my copy of Nightshade rests safely in my arms.


  1. You want to read Nightshade? I would never have guessed after reading your WoW post... LOL. Just kidding. ^.~

    I'm interesting in checking it out too!

  2. Jen! You've been tagged!