Monday, November 8, 2010

Kelly Creagh Signing (+ Giveaway!)

Tidbit about me: I'm a shy person, by nature. I talk big, but in person, I'm a meek little bunny rabbit. Always doubting, always questioning, sometimes socially awkward.

I'm also a Nevermore fan girl. I love Kelly Creagh. I love her because I love her writing and her characters and the way her brain works when she's writing her characters. She also live in the same town as me, which is awesome. She'd previously had a couple signings scattered around town but I always had something going on that prevented me from going and talking to the person who wrote, hands down, the best book I've read in 2010.

Shy, potentially socially dysfunctional + no friends to go with me to author signing + Kelly Creagh = OMG1!!!!!11 FREAKOUT.

I asked my husband to go, but there were football games on TV. That settled that. None of my friends could go (JERKS!) so it looked like I was braving the signing by myself. So off I went to Kelly's signing, a one (wo)man wolfpack. Additionally, my camera had just died. In the car. On the way there. FML.

I got there like, right on time, so there was only one person in front of me. It was then that I had no idea what to say other than "omgiloveyourbookthankyousomuchforwritingit!" Luckily, Kelly was so incredibly
nice and easy to talk to. She was gracious and totally willing to answer any of my questions. Of course, I asked about Book 2, for which I am DYING. I probably don't know anything that hasn't been said already, but I don't want to say anything out of fear of being disrespectful. Sorry, all!
I asked Kelly if she was like me, and used a celebrity cast for her characters. I figured Varen would be an unknown, because he's probably too beautifully perfect to
have any known celebrity in Hollywood depict him. I was surprised by the fact that she googled "Goth Boy" when trying to find a face for Varen. She said that she found a photo of a boy who had a lip ring, eyeliner, and dark hair who she thought would be perfect for her Varen. (I'm not sure if this is the one or not, but it was the first picture that came up.) And when we talked about Isobel, she said that she would love to see Dakota Fanning cast, because she's a great actress and is a real-life cheerleader!

All in all, I had an awesome time meeting and talking to Kelly. I did not hyperventilate, pass out, or say something that made me look completely foolish. Well, I might've. Kelly was awesome enough to take a picture with me. (Does she not have the coolest hair ever?) A special thanks to Kelly's mom, who was our photographer and was skilled in iPhone photography.


And now, because I love you guys so much, I'm giving away a signed, finished copy of Nevermore, as well as a signed bookmark and of Varen's favorite band, Cemetery Sighs. (Click HERE to download "Emily Not, Not Gone" by Cemetery Sighs...FO FREE! That is actually Kelly's editor singing!)

Contest Information

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Must be 13+ to enter.

One person per entry, please.

US & CA Residents Only.

Winners will be chosen using and I will contact you via e-mail, as well as announce on the blog, if you win.

Contest deadline is November 26, 2010.

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  1. OMG you live in the same town? That is so cool!!

    I probably would have ended up going alone as well, since my friends/family don't care about the books I read. :'( (What's wrong with them?? :P lol)

    Dakota Fanning as Isobel? That's really interesting! I actually like her. The Isobel I imagined didn't look like her, but I won't be surprised if I start seeing her when I read the book & I'm glad to have a visual now (of Isobel and of Varen). Great question!

    Her editor sings that song? Seriously, wow! I love that song. When I listen to it, I have to listen to it at least 3 times before I move on to the next song. hehe

    Anyway, so glad you had an awesome time! :D Thanks for the extra info. Also, thanks for the giveaway!

  2. TOTALLY signing up for this contest, as you have been raving about this book nonstop. YAY! I love how sweet she was to you two = ADORABLE in that pic. <3

  3. this looks like so much fun!! i've been wanting to read this book for awhile now!! Thank you for the contest!

  4. I can't enter because i'm in the uk......BUT that guy you posted a photo of? he's on tv here in one of our soap opera's called Hollyoaks, I think his characters name is Newt and he's totally crazy. i just laughed my arse off when i saw that photo because I SO hope the character in the book is hotter than him. And YAY you for braving a signing on your own. i would totes do that, for sure, but i'm not shy :p

  5. That is such a great post; it's awesome when our real-life heroes turn out to be just as cool as we'd imagined. Great blog, too; glad I found you on Twitter and totally RT'd this. Looking forward to reading more...

  6. That is awesome Jen you got to meet Kelly Creagh. I too would have been nervous and wouldn't have been able to speak. I love Nevermore. Funny, neither of those picks are how I imagined the characters.

    Great giveaway :)

  7. What a great picture of you two!