Thursday, November 18, 2010

Songs I Think You Should Know

So my reading expectancy isn't up to par. It totally stinks. I cannot wait til finals are over and I can resume my happy submersion into written words out of leisure, not obligation.

Anywho, I always love recommending music to people, because I rock out to them often. I've got a pretty eclectic musical taste, so I pretty much listen to everything. There's really not much more to it than that. And hey, maybe you know them already and love them. Even better! Tell me how much you love them. Or how much you hate them.

I'll start out with pop, since I'm kind of needing to get a little pumped up this morning.

Seriously, I love Ashlee Simpson's pre-nose job stuff. Sure, there was that whole lip-synching fiasco that "blew everyone's mind," but did anyone really consider for a moment that she didn't lip-synch at least a little bit? I know I'd want to, especially if you're moving around a stage like a maniac. I cannot deny that she made a fabulously awesome studio album with Autobiography.

"Love Me For Me" was my favorite song off that album.

1 comment:

  1. Never been an Ashlee Simpson fan, before or after the nose job lol. Sorry! She just came across to me like she was trying to be the complete opposite of her sister (all things poppy!). I have a hard time liking 2nd siblings who try to make a music career too. I almost feel bad for them? However btwn the 2, I always thought Ashlee had more "talent" than her sister.