Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday (Two Weeks Later Edition): Fictional Crushes

So I'm about 14 days late with this post. Last week was crazy so I didn't get much unscheduled blogging done, but I really wanted to partake in this one. Jen from The Broke and the Bookish listed 10 of her fictional crushes. I've given this a lot of serious thought lately. After all, what would a good romance be without that swoon-worthy hero?

I've mentioned before that I'm very visual and almost always have to match a celebrity face to whomever it is I've got a fictitious crush. I'm not very original, sorry. So without further ado, here are my top 10 fictional crushes...with photos!

1. Edward Cullen (Twilight)
You guys, I'm totally not sorry for this. Edward started it all for me. I've never been so excited to read about brooding stares and grimacing. I realize the general consensus is that he's a creepy dead weirdo who sneaks into bedrooms. Yes, that is creepy. But you know what? I wouldn't be reading YA today if it weren't for this delicious specimen. Plus, I'll never forget that feeling I had while reading Twilight. I'm sure some of you know which *feeling* I'm talking about. It was borderline obsessive. To this day, I've never felt about a book like I have about Twilight. I still long to re-read the books for the fourth time. I still get excited to watch the movies and see RPattz's bouffant in the first one. (WHY DID THEY TAKE AWAY THE BOUFFANT?!) I love Edward, 4-eva.

2. Irial (Wicked Lovely Series)
Irial threatened to squeeze into the #1 spot for a minute or two. There is something so awesome about the evil ruler who will stop at nothing to fulfill his diabolical master plan, but then also has a loving, vulnerable side that he occasionally gives into upon finding the right person. Irial, to me, has always come off as this suave, take-no-crap guy who walks around in all black and has this undeniable aura that screams "I run this." His story with Leslie made me swoon almost the entire way through, once it was established that he wasn't going to kill everyone in sight. I could never find anyone to depict Iri, though Gerard Way (ONLY in this picture, though) is as close as I can come. It must be the all black thing.

3. Varen Nethers (Nevermore)
What really got me about Varen is the fact that Kelly Creagh wrote such an amazing, believable buildup to he and Izzy's relationship. It didn't start off with dreamy eyes, it started out with disdain toward one another. He's a poet. He's an artist. He's deep. He's mysterious. He's not your run-of-the-mill YA guy. He's a frickin' weirdo, according to everyone else in the story. Seeing him morph (go, go Power Rangers) into this most perfect guy for Isobel was super duper squee-worthy. I think Ben Barnes would make a perfect Varen.. but ONLY IF he looked like this all the time.

4. Damon Salvatore (Vampire Diaries)

Um, Ian Somerhalder. Do I have to explain myself further? If you watch the show, you know. I did read the books last year and thoroughly enjoyed the first four books. The Return books, not so much. But whatever. Ian Somerhalder embodies everything that Damon is. I swear, the part was written for him. He's such an unbearable a-hole, but there's something so redeemable about him.

5. Seth Mortensen (Succubus Series)
Okay... this guy right here is seriously awesome. He wears vintage shirts (I keep hoping Richelle Mead will write him wearing an old Legend of Zelda shirt with a picture of the Triforce on it), he writes romantic mysteries and is generous with the ARCs, he's socially awkward and better with writing words than speaking them, AND he has messy hair. Georgina and Seth's romance is one of the most tragic I've ever read, but that doesn't mean I'm not chomping at the bit for the final book in the series...um, next SEPTEMBER?! I picture dear Seth to look like Jude Law, circa Sienna Miller. You know, before the nanny.

6. Logan (Shade)

Gahhhh, stupid, STUPID LOGAN! Now that I got that out, let's focus on the fact that Logan is Irish and Logan is a musician. Logan sings. Anyone who sings gets like, 50 automatic amazing points. I forgive him, because musicians are notorious for making stupid decisions. I don't forgive him, because now he's dead. STUPID LOGAN!!! But I still love him. I can't help but picture Steven R. McQueen from Vampire Diaries as Logan. I'm pretty sure Jeremy makes poor decisions, too. Perhaps this actor would excel at being Logan as well!

7. Myrnin (Morganville Vampires)
If crazy is wrong, I don't want to be right. I know most MV readers are all SHANE, SHANE, SHANE. But I'd prefer my fictional dudes a little less predictable, a little more fanged bunny slippers, and I'm still undecided on Bob the Spider. My Myrnin is classically good-looking with a touch of the crazy eyes. Naturally, James McAvoy.

8. Dimitri (Vampire Academy)
There's not too much I can say about Dimitri and what he's been through without being extraordinarily spoilery, so I shall not. Basically, he's like 6'7" and can kill anything. But, with Rose, he's sweet, yet disciplined. And let's be honest: in those first two books, didn't we all just want him to quit being so moral already?! Let us not forget the trenchcoat and his intense love for Western novels. I attempted to find a photo with a trenchcoat. Fail. My Dimitri is Henry Cavill.

9. Adrian (Vampire Academy)
Oh, just a hair behind Dimka. I love Adrian for his snark, his rebellion, and the fact that it's obvious that he loves Rose so much. Even through his vulnerable moments, he never loses that detached aura of "I rock" that makes him so awesome. I basically described Hayden Christensen...and what do you know? Hayden is my Adrian.

10. Link (Legend of Zelda)
Yeah, this isn't from a book, unless you count the gamer's manual. So what? Link is the HERO OF TIME. He defeated Ganon. He has pointy ears and rocks the green tunic and iron boots. Love forever.

So those are my 10 fictional dudes that I enjoy. One question to myself: why is no one smiling? Is brooding a necessity? SEE WHAT YOU STARTED, EDWARD?!


  1. I totally know what you mean about Edward. That was the first paranormal book I ever read..I was very much anti anything paranormal or fantasy. It broadened my horizons for sure. I get that feeling that you describe!

    And I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you crush hard on vampires. :)

  2. Edward & Adrian <3 I need to get started with the Wicked Lovely series!

  3. For a time, vamps were ALL I read about. I've only been REALLY reading since November 2008, and I tried everything to get that Twilighty feeling again! But I've branched out....Seth from the Succubus series is totally human! :) and yes, I just realized that 50% of my list is of the fanged variety!

  4. Great picks Jen! I'll take Varen, Logan, Seth, Dimitri, Adrian. Especially love the pic of Varen :)

  5. I love posts like these (and yours is especially amazing because of all of the pictures!) Twilight started my love for YA books and I'm not ashamed to say that Edward was my first major YA fictional crush, too. The Vampire Academy boys are also at the top of my list.

    I own many of these books you mention (Wicked Lovely series, Nevermore, Shade, Morganville Vampires series), but haven't had a chance to read them yet. I better get a move on it!

  6. I love Edward Cullen and I have no problem admitting it. <3 <3 <3

    The brooding really does it for me, so I agree about almost all of these, though I have to admit I've not read the Vamp Academy, Succubus Series OR all of Wicked Lovely. BUT I am going to get Nevermore tonight I believe, so that makes up for something, right?

    ADORE this post/you. The pictures = swooooooon.

    PS: Myrnin 4-eva.

  7. This list is complete awesomeness! LOVE it. I totally agree with the Edward comments -- I am a Twi-hard freak & proud of it!! haha Ok well I don't go around screaming it, but I may or may not have a Team Edward t-shirt ;-)

    Even though I haven't read all of these books you've mentioned -- you just listed every Hot Celeb in my top 10 list! Jude Law? James McAvoy? Hayden Christensen? YES PLEASE!

  8. Someone clearly has a type....

    Thankfully we will not be in competition with our literary crushes. I do not learn toward the vampires or the bad boys.

  9. Most or them aren't "bad boys," other than Damon and Irial. I tend to have a soft spot for the guys who have a considerable amount of attitude, because I kind of have one...so it's nice if they can keep up (which is supported by my choice of husband, who is exceedingly quippy! And has brown hair :) If anything, my type is the tall, dark, and handsome.

    Ugh, I'm so unoriginal :)

  10. You definitely crush on the vampires! :) Sadly, I only know Edward from your list (and I completely agree, I had a huge crush on him while reading the Twilight books...still do but I'm not as obsessed anymore).

  11. Ha! If the guys from Voltron can be on my list, Link can be on yours :)

  12. too much hotness in one post. I think i need to go have a glass of wine or something. MAYBE A BOTTLE.

  13. I love me some Edward, and I am not ashamed to admit it! (ok, maybe a little bit but we'll keep that between us).

    This is terrible but I have to admit I have only read the Twilight and Vampire Diaries series :( But after seeing these hotties I may just have to fix that...

  14. On your Myrnin... GOOD choice and LOVE Myrnin. Of course, I like Shane BUT Myrnin is just IT for me in that book. I wish he were around more :-/

    Also, while Twilight started it all for me as well but after I found many other books the whole "Edward" deal just sort of fell off of my radar. I'm more of a Jasper girl anyhow ;-)

    Fab Post!

  15. Great list, though I find #1 overrated as hell. Just my opinion.

  16. I did a totally girly girl squeal when I read this post! First, because there are some guys on here I've not had the pleasure of crushing on before (like who is this Irial and why haven't I read that series yet?)Second because you have a picture of Henry Cavill on here...I mean how can I not squeal about that, right? And finally, I just read Shade this week and Logan was so perfect. He was stupid, yes, but his love for Aura was very swoony indeed. My biggest fictional crush is Michael Moscovitz. There are many others but for some odd reason no one can dethrone him.

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