Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Blogging Resolutions for 2011

I am terrible at keeping New Year's Resolutions. My goal for the past 5 years or so is to get a six-pack by the end of the year. This never happens, except for perhaps a six-pack of beer or a fistful of Slim Jims. But it's always nice to verbalize those goals, even if you don't fully follow through. At least you made them known to the universe, right?

1. BE (relatively) STRESS FREE.
Book blogging is supposed to be fun. It IS fun. It's not something where you should find yourself stressed out to the point of heart palpitations if you don't post for a few days (or, in my case, A WEEK due to the holidays!) I have a ton of other obligations. I have a full-time job and full-time classes, both of which drive me insane. I never want blogging to become an obligation. I have far too much love for reading, writing about reading, and this community in general for it to be something that burns me out. It's not all about ARCs or followers (and I mean that.) It's having a bunch of awesome people with whom I can discuss YA books and who won't tell me to read a grown-up book.

People don't like negativity. It repels others and makes you look like a Debbie Downer. I know I complain about school/work a lot, and I'm going to try and cut that out. Oh, and the cryptic tweets. It's totally a pet peeve of mine on Facebook when people post cryptic statuses that cause an onslaught of "WHAT'S WRONG!?!" and "ARE YOU OKAY?!?!" Yet I am a hypocrite, because I find myself doing that on Twitter sometimes. If you're going to say something, SAY IT. I will definitely try to NOT post things on Twitter that are cryptic and vague.

I've gotten a lot better at DNFing books that just weren't working for me. I think there were 3 or 4 for this year. A problem I have is differentiating between boredom with a book and impatience with finishing a book. I set a goal of 100 books this year and I fell short by five. I feel that the reading experience was hindered due to the fact that I had set a goal that I was desperately trying to achieve. Reading shouldn't be rushed. It should be a relaxing, leisurely activity. No goal for me next year! I'll read as many as I can and that is that.

I write fangirly reviews. Duh. Upon re-reading some that I've posted, I don't feel like I accurately and efficiently conveyed the reason WHY I liked something about this character or that plot. To make my reviews a little more quality, I'm going to try and elaborate on why I felt a certain way about whatever it is that I read.

I have fallen into the habit of writing reviews in bulk. 5 reviews here, 3 reviews there. I am going to try and write a review within mere days of finishing the book, giving the plot and my feelings for the book time to sink in and marinate, but not months after when I have to re-read the summary to remember what happened. I'll also try to keep a better review journal, complete with highlights, post it nost, page numbers, quotes, etc. Because not only does it help with the review writing process and remembering events/characters, but it makes me feel organized and gives me reason to buy pretty pens and highlighters.

I have between 120 - 140 books on my shelf that I've bought and forgotten. I'd really like to read 20% of the ones I currently have on my shelf in 2011, which is 30books. I think it's doable. I realize this is basically setting a goal, but 30 isn't bad. Also, I realize that with the books I'll buy in 2011 (which are a bunch of amazing titles, by the way) I'll likely be more in reading debt at this time next year. Meh, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.



So those are my blogger resolutions for next year. I will do my darndest to achieve these goals. If not? Well, I tried. And they say the road to HEAVEN is paved with good intentions. Right? RIGHT!?


  1. "...and gives me reason to buy pretty pens and highlighters. " Oh, YOU!

    Hurrah to all of these resolutions. Very doable. I shall have to make some of my own! I hear you on the six-pack thing. Maybe this year is THE year. Maybe. But cookies are sooooo good.

  2. These are all great goals! I need to read some of the hundreds of books I own too! Maybe we need an icon to put on the blog as a reminder. We all use twitter to vent because if you can't vent to your never-met-friends who can you vent to? Great list!


  3. Good resolutions girl! I wish you the best with them.

  4. Great goals, and there's at least ONE challenge that is going on with them. It's all about reading books in your TBR that you own/aren't sent for review. Mine's like massive (O.o) so I'm excited!

    Okay, more like I'm going to set a goal and probably fall over dead from exhaustion from trying to achieve it, BUT it's the thought that counts.

    *power to the six pack*

  5. Good list of resolutions you've got there. I need to DNF more than I should. And I hear ya about those reviews stacking up. I currently have 8 to write up O.O And I am going to put a dent in my TBR pile next year! I've had books that I've been dying to read just sitting on my shelves for months, some more than a year.

  6. Great list Jen! I hate those cryptic messages on facebook too.. but I'm guilty of doing it sometimes too.. eek! I like that you mentioned putting down the books that don't fit your fancy. Why do we feel pressure to read EVERYTHING we pick up?! If it's not working for us, then so be it. We don't owe that book anything! lol

    Here's to hoping for that 6-pack!

  7. Love these! I done some bloggers resolutions too :) Good luck on the 6-pack this year WILL be your year gosh darn it! ;)

  8. Great goals- Cheers to a stress-free 2011! Good luck tackling the TBR pile :)

  9. 'Do not wait'? As the girl who currently has eight books read and no reviews written, this is going to be among my resolutions for *sure*. I mean, frankly, I have no idea how I'm going to think of anything intelligent to say about any of 'em. I'll probably have to reread some and forget about the others. Boo.

  10. i so need to stop complaining on twitter.... it seems like i do that A LOT during the winter months when i'm especially crappy.

    i am totally going to have a six pack this year too. :P

  11. I really like your thoughts about DNFing books. I can feel myself, sometimes, thinking, "but i planned to have this finished today -- this must be a bad book, maybe I shouldn't finish it." When really, it's a good book and either I'm not in the mood for that book, or it's too long and it is slowing down my "number of books read" tally. Shame on me. I will try to do better, just like you.

  12. A great list. I hear you on the not stressing about the blog. I don't post nearly as much as most do, unless I go crazy and find myself finishing a few books at a time. Maybe this will change with my nook.

    I have a couple of resolutions too, one of which is to read more classics. I feel dirty, being a holder of an English degree and being so poorly read in the classics, especially those that aren't written by English dudes and ladies.

  13. I love your list. I need to do #4 - pump up the detail too. That's one we have in common.

  14. Great resolutions! I'm going to post mine sometime this weekend or next week, but I know that we definitely have some similarities. I really need to work on reviewing books soon after finishing. I feel so silly when I have to re-look up the book like you said to remember what it was even about. I think my reviews are def. better when I write them soon after.

  15. These are great resolutions, many of which I echo! I want to be much more efficient in getting my reviews written. I also want to keep from feeling compelled to review everything I read. It's almost OCD-like my need to do so. Sure, I want to give every book it's due but honestly I'm starting to read so fast that it's dang near impossible to get reviews written in a timely manner.

    Best of luck on achieving your goals!