Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday (9) or "An Abundance of '!'"

Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine.

There is no official cover for this particular book yet, so I've taken the liberty of making my own. She's not smiling, because she's unsure and has a lot of difficult decisions to make in book six.

Disclaimer: I'm very sorry, but I'm not available for any sort of cover design for your book, nor can I design anything for your website. My design services are highly sought after, and I just don't have that kind of time. Thank you for your understanding.


Anyway. I think I love this series more than that Vampire Academy series. THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID IT. It's not a YA novel by any means, due to the fact that Georgina is a succubus. Succubi happen to drain people of life via sexytimes. I don't think a YA novel can have this premise and still by YA. If you pull this off, please let me know because I'd like to see it!

I never thought I'd love this series as much as I do. I figured it'd be all a-ravin' and a-rompin' and a-sinnin'. Get this though: GEORGINA HAS A HEART! She has a cat that she loves and cares for! She doesn't enjoy her succubus status! All she really wants is a yummy introverted author who wears screen tees and hates coffee! Who has messy hair! And she wants to do the right thing! This is a deep, emotional series that has stolen my heart and I cannot believe Mead is making us wait until frickin' August 30 of 2011 when there hasn't been a book released since March 2010! FRICK!

I know the covers are cheesy (save for mine... I think this could be my new calling?)
I know that the idea of a succubus with a heart is strange (as is most paranormal, in general?)
But I'm serious, you guys. This is a fabulously good series. I'd highly recommend getting it on your e-reader, if you don't want to be seen in public with these hardcore cheese-tastic covers. (btw, isn't that Lacey from Rock of Love on THIS cover? And I've never understood the red hair, since G is a light brunette.) Perhaps you want to pick up the mass-market paperback, which is significantly less embarassing.

Whatever you do, just read these!


  1. Your cover is stunning. Please remind me to hire you as my cover designer if I ever get to publish ;)

    I'm starting my first Richelle Mead book right now, and taking it one step at a time....but great choice!

  2. I actually think your cover is phenomenal - I think your calling (besides book blogging) should be in cover design. I'm serious.

    I still need to read this series - you recommended it a while back and I still remember :) You haven't steered me wrong yet so I figure I can't go wrong.

  3. You are right. I wouldn't have picked this up before. But with your cover and synopsis making skills, I must admit that I am pretty intrigued.

  4. Your cover has me sold. I think Capillya may need to feature you on her blog sometime.

    and yes, I trust your recommendations - so this series will be added to my endless pile of books to be read!

  5. I have yet to read this series even though I adore all things Richelle Mead. And I personally think you are a gifted designer, your stick person is spectacular;)

  6. I'm pretty sure designers everywhere are going to be blowing up your (e)mailbox with requests on where you got your inspiration and training from :-) Your cover is reason enough to read Richelle Mead. I have not read this series you speak of, only her V.A. books. I'll have to look into this

  7. Your cover has me sold. I'll definitely be picking up this series now. I've seriously been contemplating getting Succubus Blues since October, but I wasn't sure.

  8. This is the best cover I have seen in YEARS! Please tell me you sent it to Richelle! I need to start reading this series!

  9. I think I *do* need to feature you on my blog for the Behind the Design feature. Move over Yuen & Novak! There's a new graphic designer in town!

  10. Listen. I just started reading your post on my Google Reader before I realized it was yours and was thinking "Holy cow, this girl is hilarious, I have to read this..." and then I realized it was you. DUH! I should have known :)

  11. Hilarious! Can't stop laughing! I want to read it too(but I need to read books 3-5 still, lol, hurry up library).

  12. And Best Cover of the Year goes to....JEN!!