Monday, December 20, 2010

Winterlong Tour Stop: Random Magic Casting

I have to thank Sasha Soren for asking me to be a part of the Random Magic Winterlong Blog Tour. Sasha is one of my favorite people to talk to and incredibly personable. We had discussed a couple different avenues to take as far as my stop in the tour and, ultimately, it came down to casting or soundtrack. Casting, being something I do naturally whenever I read a book, was the option I chose. (Perhaps I'm just that unoriginal!)

Most of the characters in RM have come rather easily to me. Here's how I picture them in my mind's eye. (Descriptions/book quotes courtesy of Eleni @ La Femme Readers.)

Camilla Belle as Winnie

Book Quote: "A girl. Rather an interesting girl, with big green eyes and dark hair in messy pigtails spilling over her shoulders. Her dusty patchwork tunic was torn."
More details: Dark hair, green eyes, pointy chin, wearing red. Strong character, spirited and determined, older than her years.

The choice of Winnie was probably the easiest I could make. Once I read the description, I immediately thought of Camilla Belle. I do wish she had brighter green eyes, but they can do wonders with contact lenses these days. I love Winnie's character, and I think Camilla would do an excellent job being slightly off-beat, yet quick-witted and rambunctious.

Lucas Till as Henry

Book Quote: "Black Jack stared in disgust at what the crew of King of the Storm had managed to dredge up; a gangly blond with enormous blue eyes, who looked like a puff of wind would knock him over..."
More details: Dark blonde hair, blue eyes, wearing blue.

Blond guys aren't my strong suit. I tend to prefer the dark haired guys. But I saw this one in Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" video and thought he'd be perfect for Henry. Cute enough, slightly gangly, again, he'd need contact lenses...but I can definitely see Henry potential in Lucas Till.

Amy Adams as Callie

Book Quote: "Her gold-woven drape was a sodden mess, she’d lost a jeweled sandal and her hair streamed limply over the porcelain, like dark red seaweed. But she’d managed to hang on to her sombrero."
More details: Muse of Writing. Golden or shimmering dress in ancient style, vivid red hair, hazel eyes, dazzling smile and sparkle in her eyes, hair is ankle-length and floats all around her.

I love Amy Adams, and I love Callie. She has the dazzling smile. She has the ridiculous amount of red hair (at least she did in Enchanted.) And she SPARKLES. No, seriously, that's the first word I think of when I see Amy. I didn't need to think twice about casting her as Callie.

Arthur Malet as Professor Random

Book Quote: "In a cobwebbery corner of the room was a man who looked a bit like Einstein, only with less fashion sense. He’d forgotten what he was doing there.
More details: Vague, rumpled.

If you don't remember Tootles, the man who lost his marbles, from Hook.. I don't think we should be friends anymore. Granted, this movie is nearly 20 years old and Tootles probably doesn't look like he used to, but this is my casting and Tootles it is. Prof. Random still has a couple marbles left, but BARELY. Another ridiculously easy casting choice. I love this character's train of thought, or lack thereof.

Robert Downey Jr. as Count De Morgue

Book Quote: "The count smiled, his heavy-lidded hazel eyes gleaming with the prospect of unexpected diversion…Fresh blood was exactly what they required..."
More details: Topaz or hazel eyes, dark hair (casual, long or styled in old-fashioned style), wearing dark brown, elegant smoking jacket.

Well, he definitely has the heavy-lidded gaze down pat. I can see RDJr playing this particular, um, type of being. Charming, a tad eccentric and generally weird, and ultimately a pretty handsome guy.

Angelina Jolie as Countess De Morgue(s)

Book Quote: "Like a set of matching funereal angels, Lady De Morgue was as beautiful to look at as the count, and doubly gloomy."
More details: Pale, chic, wearing green velvet gown. Delicate features. Romantic and dreamy.

I love picturing Angelina Jolie as the Countess. AGAIN, she's a shoo-in for this particular creature. She's beautiful, obviously, and can pull both menacing, creepy, gloomy, and dreamy. And there's a certain morbidity to Angelina, just like with Lady De Morgue.

Kate Walsh as The Red Queen

Book Quote: "Her dark red hair snaked into a twisted coil of interwoven links, and cut through the air like a pair of horns. The snowflakes falling gently onto her hair sizzled as they landed."
More details: Dark red hair, angular face, bold and fiery energy, on borderline of rage. Fur accents on dress, likely wearing red or battle armor.

There is absolutely no other actress that could be The Red Queen to me. I remember first seeing her as Addison Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy and thinking she was scary, menacing, beautiful and evil at the same time. Her features are incredibly sharp and unmistakable.


Again, I'd like to thank Sasha Soren for asking me to be a part of this awesome tour and allowing me to read her book. She and I have a similar tangential way of thinking, so this book is perfect for me. Can't wait to visit all the other tour stops to see what the Winterlong Random Magic tour has in store!


  1. Great cast, Jen! I'm a huge fan of Camilla Belle. If I looked like her, I would just stand on city streets with a hat asking for money because I was so pretty.

    Too much? :)

  2. Great Cast list! I have not seen Camilla Belle in a lot of movies, but I can visualize her as Winnie.

  3. Very cool cast! I can totally see Robert Downey, Jr as the Count -- and Angelina makes the perfect counterpart! I like how you've visualized some of the memorable characters from the book -- how fun!

  4. Greta casting :)
    Though not a big fan of Jolie, ugh, but can't be helped. And I love Amy Adams

  5. nice picks! love robert downey jr as count de morgue!

  6. Oh sweet! I really love your picks, especially Winnie!!

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