Saturday, February 26, 2011

In My Mailbox (20)

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Whew! It's been a stupid busy two weeks. I seriously loathe the two weeks prior to test time, because I break out in hives and sweat a lot. I'm just kidding. But I do feel like I'm going to upchuck at any moment thanks to nerves.

No vlog this week, because my hair is in a towel right now and you guys don't want to see that.

Here's my last two weeks in books!

For Review
Divergent by Veronica Roth (Thank you, HarperCollins!)
The Time-Traveling Fashionista by Bianca Turetsky (Thank you, Poppy!)
The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter (Thanks, NetGalley!)
Angel Burn by L.A. Weatherly (Thanks, NetGalley!)

Bumped by Megan McCafferty (Thank you, Megan!)

Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles (for $1, holla.)
Other Words for Love by Lorraine Zago Rosenthal
Rival by Sara Bennett-Wealer
Heist Society by Ally Carter
Beastly by Alex Flinn

And now for the non-bookish items.

I watched this for about 7 hours yesterday and had trouble speaking in my normal accent until I woke up this morning. It's serious. P.S. I love Pauly D.


  1. You got Bumped & Divergent??? Serious jealousy over here!

    I love me some Pauly D too!


    JERSEY SHORE. Shaking my head at you...

    Oh, and Jen: I'll be breaking into your house sometime this week to get BUMPED. Kthxbai.

  3. Ohhh! Bumped---I can't wait to read that one. I look forward to your review. I also enjoyed Divergent- it was intense! I hope you like it! Love that you bought Jersey Shore. I love that show too--I can always count on it to make me laugh. The grenade horn is my favorite. Hysterical! :)

  4. Ugh, I am super jealous! Maybe Brent and I will plan the break in together... :p

    I've never seen Jersey Shore, so I can't judge you lol

  5. I loved Rival. :) Jealous of your other books, especially Other Words and Divergent. Have a great week!

  6. I cannot wait to hear what you think about Bumped. I want to read it so badly. Love Jersey Shore too. It's one of my guilty pleasures : ) Great blog.

  7. Woo that is quite a stack of books you have there missy. And I must know what you think of Katarina Bishop and her posse of hoodlums in Heist Society.

    I'm not even going to judge on Jersey Shore. I still <3 you.

  8. I'm totally jealous of Bumped and Divergent. TOTALLY.

  9. Oh my gosh... is that Divergent? *steals* lol

    I hope you enjoy all your new books Jen!! :)

  10. Rules of Attraction! I can't wait to read it! I just finished reading Perfect Chemistry today and I loved it.

    Awesome books this week. Happy reading!

  11. Great stack of books Jen! I can't wait to hear what you think of Divergent and also Rivals. Happy reading :)

  12. So can't wait to read Rival - very jealous of you right now haha.

    Here's my IMM:

  13. My Divergent envy is soon going to take over my life. I'm excited about Bumped though, I have an egalley I keep meaning to get into.

    I'll look forward to your Rival review, I need to pick up a copy of it too!

  14. OMG, I'm so jealous of you! I need Divergent!

    Hope you like Angel Burn! I've read it (the UK copy) and love it!

    (Wow, lots of exclamation marks)

  15. Jersey Shore. Good Lord, lady. Take it back!

    In other news...fabulous books this week! I'm jealous of your Bumped ARC! :)

  16. Divergent and The Goddess Test? Do want! Really awesome haul this week. ;D

    And I can't judge...because I may or may not watch marathons when no one else is in the house, lol.

  17. Good luck on your tests!! I know that feeling all too well. That'll be me next week, ugh!

    Awesome haul of books, though. And now I think of you when ever I see Jersey Shore.. is that wrong?! lol Fried pickles anyone???

  18. Divergent! I want that one! And Other Words for Love is awesome!

    And since I'm too cheap anymore to pay for anything other than basic tv since I rarely watch tv anymore, I no longer watch Jersey Shore :(

  19. Super jealous of Divergent and Bumped! And just like Jacinda said, Other Words for Love is awesome!

  20. I've been hearing such good things about 'Divergent' over the past week or so... I can't wait to check it out!

    Those are all severely awesome books. Enjoy!!

  21. Great list of book! i can't wait to see what you think of The Goddess Test and Bumped!

  22. Heist Society is really really good.

    I can't wait to get Divergent.

    Jersey Shore? Oh my gosh, I am so not allowed to watch that.

  23. I have got to get my hands on Divergent. And a big fat WIN for Bumped - I'll be reading that very, very soon.

  24. Hahahaha I love Jersey Shore :P Yay for Rules of Attraction you'll love it!

  25. Oh how I love Megan McCafferty.

    I also recently bought Jersey Shore on DVD too. I caved in to the pressure. Everyone was telling me to watch it haha!

  26. 7 hours of jersey shore!!! omy gosh bwahaha! awesome books this week. I'm a new follower ;-D

  27. Jealous and wondering how you got a book for $1...??

  28. Drools over the fact that you got Divergent and Bumped. *wants*

  29. I loved Rival. :) Jealous of your other books, especially Other Words and Divergent. Have a great week!