Thursday, February 17, 2011

In Which My IRLBFF Does a Guest Review for Wicked Lovely

Lynn and I have been friends since 3rd grade. In 7th grade, we decided that we were both pretty weird kids with heads in the clouds and uncontrollable imaginations and decided to be weird together. We upgraded our status to "best friends," because that's what you do when you find someone as weird as you. Fast forward 15 years later and we are still friends, even though we live about 4.5 hours apart.

I can remember like it was yesterday, the day in 2008 when she told me about this book she was reading called Sunset or Dusk or some crap like that. Something about it being an amazing love story or blah blah blah. Whatever. It was a book. Ew, no thanks.

But then I got ahold of said book and my whole world changed. Suddenly I didn't want to see the world in any other way than from behind a book. She, yet again, added to my overall quality of life and I've been looking for ways to do the same. So I pushed Wicked Lovely on her and asked her to do a guest review, because I love being right about stuff.

Without further delay, here's her glowing review.

Lynn's Thoughts:

For as long as I can remember, I have written. In journals, though admittedly few, fictitious stories with my very best friend and of course in school. Upon thinking of writing a review for Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr my mind went blank. The tendency on my behalf is to become so consumed with one character that the rest are pawns that don't get the attention they probably should. I can usually identify with a character in some way and the bond that is created between myself and my new fictitious friend serves as the sun in my universe - everything else rotating around it. Marr, however, makes this impossible. I picked up Wicked Lovely in an age old story of peer pressure and left it on a shelf unopened for quite some time. What a mistake that was! This story and every single one of its components is captivating. Like lying in the warmth of the sun on a hot summer day, simply relishing in the moments of knowing the sun beats on you even with your eyes closed and listening acutely to the water in your pool or the birds flying overhead. Never in your life, do I believe, you can feel more whole. Marr brings this to us in the form of literary greatness.

Aislinn see's a world that overlaps our own and often times involves itself into it without our consent or knowledge. This overlapping world has a most remarkable tale to tell of love, struggle, murder and sacrifice with a new twist on modernization meeting regality. The Summer King has been plagued since infancy with the task of searching for his Summer Queen, the one girl who can break his bonds and let him revel in his full powers. Over the centuries he has met and loved many mortal girls who simply by his choosing them have been turned to faeries with the choice - choose love and see if you pass the test to become the Summer Queen or be simply a summer girl with your life revolving around the King and of course, your natural desire for fun and passion. If however, you take the test and fail you are sentenced to a possible eternity of cold as the Winter Girl taking the chill and ice that consumes your body with you until another mortal has chosen to take the test and failed, taking your place. The things Aislinn sees are terrifying enough to her without even knowing that these rules and games are constantly at foot. So when some faeries start to follow her she tries to hide, running to her best friend and giving him the respect he deserves by being open and honest with him.

But with turning to him has she put him in danger? Has she jeopardized the one person she feels sane with? Why are these creatures following her? Marr puts the Winter Queens chill on your skin as you turn page by page revealing and being surprised by each detail of the characters that you thought you knew, the new issues that arise for them and the ways they decide to handle themselves in the tough calls. It took everything out of me to not just read the last few pages just to have a glimpse of what was about to happen. Who would live, who would die and how in either of these worlds could any of this work out for the best? As much as you will be dazzled by the glamour of the Summer King you can't help but feel for the poor mortal that has Aislinn's heart. And what does she choose? Certain death or an eternity of heartache?

Put on your sunscreen ladies and sink your toes in the sand. Reading this book is like sitting poolside with your best girlfriend dreaming of impossibilities and swooning over the admirations you hope to acquire from the opposite sex - all of course, ending in finding out just who your true love is and ending happily ever after...that is a choice, right?


  1. This is awesome! Not only do I want to read the book, but I want to be on the beach while I do it! I can almost smell the coconut oil! Hurry up summer! And Jen, I have heard you rave about this series before, I am going to try and get the first one soon and start reading because you love it so much!

  2. Yay for awesome guest reviews. I haven't read anything by Marr. That needs to be rectifyed stat!

  3. Loved your review. I mean, of course I've already read and loved Wicked Lovely, but you did a FABS job of reminding me why while adding your own spin to it. Come back anytime, irlbff guest post!

  4. Oh this was awesome! I recently bought Wicked Lovely because of your love for the series. I need to read it, asap! Your friend's review definitely makes that known.

    and I giggled at your "Sunset or Dusk" comment.. hehe! You and I share the same starting point ;-)

  5. Jen, "because that's what you do when you find someone as weird as you." So true about best friends!

    Lynn, I read Wicked Lovely last year and I couldn't put it down. Very fun and informative review!

  6. I love best friends, and best bookish friends are even better.

    This is a wonderfully written review, and I hope to see more of Lynn!!!

  7. Hi Lynn! Welcome to the blogging world -- I like you already because you obviously have excellent choice in picking Jen as a BFF!

  8. LOVE this review and love your shared story of friendship. Awesome!!