Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2D Me at BEA!

Some of you may recall me talking about putting my face on a popsicle stick all over Twitter and having someone take it to BEA.

Well, this actually happened.

A couple of my stick friends and I (That Cover Girl and GReads!) hitched a ride with Lindsi from Books, Sweets, and Other Treats from Texas to NYC for a week of bookish festivities. And by the way, we met some pretty awesome people, as evidenced below.

of course, caffeine is vital to any busy bea week

omg hi, some of my favorites! april from good books and good wine and jamie from the perpetual page turner. i imagine we had some fantastic food and probably some really good wine & beer after this photo was taken.

tara from fiction folio, who i HAVE been in real life and is hilarious and sweet and i love her to pieces

tara from hobbitsies

anna from anna reads and carla from the crooked shelf

And some author love. You guys, I can't even tell you the magnitude of my squees when I received mentions on Twitter and these photos were attached to them.

my name on a piece of paper and libba bray amidst a smooch. by the way, can i just explain how apparently libba called me from someone's phone and left a voicemail? BUT I DIDN'T GET IT BECAUSE MY PHONE SUCKS!? yeah. that happened. but the important thing is, libba bray called me.

jeri smith-ready and myself. i may or may not have teared up just a little bit when i saw this photo, because i love JSR something fierce (not to mention her books. i love those, too <3) and she was awesome enough to take this picture with "me."

So, even though I didn't get to go to BEA, I have a fabulous group of blogger friends who made it special, regardless. I even got a SUPER FABULOUS phone call from Jamie, Carla, April, Anna, Tara, and Kristi! It made the excruciating jealousy dwindle down quite a bit to know that I got to experience a little piece of BEA from hundreds of miles away.

Thank you, Lindsi, for cutting out my head, gluing it to a stick, and taking me everywhere you went!


  1. This is SO cute! haha. What a fun way to start my day (& a really hilarious idea!). Thanks for the great post! :)


  2. We have some pretty amazing friends <3

  3. That's so cool! It's lovely to see such a close community of bloggers.

  4. I enjoyed hanging out! We have some seriously thoughtful friends!

  5. hahahahahah, i was next in line to the smooching name/ she didn't get the phone message! display. Too funny.
    Libba was SO awesome.
    I just had to say it.

  6. Can't wait to see your 3D self at BEA next year!

  7. You have lovely friends! Hope you manage to get to BEA next year, in 3D this time!

  8. Aww what great friends to take your 2D self around for some fun! :)

  9. I rode in a cab with your face :)


  10. Smooches. We got you, girl.

  11. So lucky! :) Glad you had fun.

  12. These pictures throughout the week made me laugh! :)

  13. I am so sad that I didn't get to feed your picture chocolate!

  14. hahaha super

    These pictures throughout the week made me laugh! :)

  15. amazing frieds! oh so lucky:)