Friday, May 27, 2011

Why I Don't Let People Borrow My Books

This hurts me. This was not here when it left my hands. I'm extremely meticulous with my spines. I like them to be smooth and pretty. The normal wear and tear on corners happens sometimes, I get that. But straight up CRACKED like that? But now, whenever I look at the Vampire Academy section of my bookshelf, I cringe.

You know that time when you got hit in the face with a dodgeball in elementary school? You know, the time when your nose got broken and both your eyes were swollen and discolored like little black balloons (cue Goo Goo Dolls song.) And, horror of horrors, your school pictures were that same week?

And yet, your parents STILL insist on showcasing that broken, bruised, yet smiling face on the stairwell of photos that immortalizes your pre-pubescence? So whenever anyone walks past, they're like "oh, dang. What happened there?"

YOU, dear book borrower, are the mean, mean kid who launched that dodgeball. With that sh!t-eating grin on your face. WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!?!

It's kind of like that, I guess. At least in my head.

couldn't find a picture of a kid. but still.


  1. I don't lend "keepers" out, either. Creases, crinkles, wrinkles, and cracked spines drive me nuts! My family laughs at me because of this. They just don't understand how a battered book hurts my heart.

  2. This is exactly the same reason I don't normally let people borrow books either! I take such good care of my books and when I do let someone borrow them and they come back to me damaged I get super upset. I let someone borrow a book once and they spilled hot chocolate on it and never even offered to replace it! I would have replaced it before even bringing it back to that person. So anyway, I totally feel your pain!

  3. I know your pain!! I am straight OCD when it comes to my books. If I'm out book shopping, I won't even buy one if it's anything short of perfect, lol.

    My mom, who is a bookworm too is the kind that when she's done reading a book, it'll look like it's been read 100 times over. It'll get tossed around in her purse, trampled by dogs, used as a coaster *the horror*. I still let her borrow my books, because after all, how do you say no to your own mom? But she's learned that she needs to be extra, super-duper careful with mine - she's already gotten me a few replacements ;-) LOL!


  4. I am going to warn you now: your copy of Divergent wasn't looking too pretty when it made it's way to me. The cover may have seen better days :-\

  5. G - oh, that I didn't mind. If it was a FINISHED copy, on the other hand......

  6. sweet baby jesus who does that?

  7. I'm the same way! I rarely offer to let people borrow books unless they are already worn. If they ask, I warn them that I'm particular about my books and they have to take care of them. I give guidelines :). I'm SUCH a snob... my friends stopped asking. Glad they're still my friends LOL. Here’s my Hop and Follow post! ~ Jen @ A Book and a Latte

  8. I am a self-professed spine-cracker, I'm sorry to say...but only with my own books. Library books and things that were loaned to me are to be treated with the utmost respect. I'd feel horrible about cracking the spine on someone else's book.

  9. Wow, yeah that is why I never let anybody borrow my books unless I know they will take good care of it. My dad was asking if one of his coworker's daughters could borrow some of my books and he said she was 13, and I was just like no, I've seen what most 13 year olds do to the books they read lol.

  10. I really only let Jacinda borrow my books, so I don't have to worry about it, thank goodness!

  11. Oh wow! Who does that to a book, let alone one that's not theirs? I am so sorry your book is now damaged. I learned the hard way and don't loan out keepers anymore either.

  12. im the same way i will not lend out books anymore. Mine all look brand new and I hate cracked spines. I understand where you are coming from. That is horrible hun :( Sorry

  13. Gabriel: I TOTALLY understand if it's your own book. I mean, you paid the money, right? By all means, that book is yours to do with it what you wish! This is solely aimed at people who borrow a book that is in near perfect condition and return it looking as it does above. You wouldn't borrow someone's car and return it with an empty gas tank or a busted headlight. I realize a book is significantly less expensive than the things listed above, but it is the principle!

  14. Ack!! Now that is brutal. A book should not look like that unless it's been read like 10 times. Who does that to someone else's book? It's cruelty. Would you smack a kitten? No? Then, then don't hurt the pretty book, either!

    Haha obviously that is hyperbole, but I'm so glad there are other people out there who Get It that books are meant to be kept in meticulous condition.

  15. That is one badly cracked spine... I don't think any of my books (even the ones my brother - one of the worst spine crackers in the world - has also read) are like that! I don't really lend my books out, but I remember lending my 4th HP book to one of my friends and it came back with a couple of pages come apart from the binding. You cannot imagine how mad I was at the time...

    I completely agree with you. If it's yours, feel free to do anything you want with it (you paid for it after all), but if it's not, then it ought to be treated with the utmost care.

  16. Aw... We like our books to feel "loved" and "well lived." But we know not everyone's the same way. Maybe you should include a little note about it when you lend out books??

  17. I am super picky. Only certain books and only to certain people.

    I even go over all of my book care rules with Travis when I loan him a book. He gets this worried look on his little face and says "I promise to be careful." He hasn't let me down yet.

  18. Oh I don't let any one borrow my books any more the last time I did the girl never gave me my book back =( So now my complete collection of the Twilight Series is incomplete (I haven't bough a replacement) not only that she still stole like 30 bucks from me so yeah shes the on the "never to be talked to again list" I know my family doesn't get why I get upset if my books get damaged. It should be common knowlege if you damage the book you should replace it anyways hope some thing like this wont happen to you again

    as always ♥, Carol

  19. We Heart YA - I thought it was common sense! I guess I will have to type up and distribute guidelines. That is, IF I decide to lend to untrusted individuals. (Not gonna happen :)

  20. I understand! I love seeing my books on their shelves where they look pretty. But you know, sometimes even I destroy my own books because of how they are bound (UK books do that most of the time). So imagine the beautiful spine of Beautiful Creatures cracked! NOOO :( haha

  21. I am really careful about who I lend books too but sometimes I just can't help my cringe when I see the condition it is in afterwards. Love my friends but they won't stop dog-earing my pages! Now when I lend a book it comes with a bookmark.

  22. As a rare book librarian, I'm trained to keep books in top condition. Because of that, I rarely lend, and tend to nag friends when I see them mistreating their own book. I guess it doesn't help my popularity....

  23. I had bought a Hunter S Thompson memoir at the airport on my way down to visit a friend, it was expensive, about my favourite author and something I fell in love with on the plane trip down. When I got there I lent it to my friend because he was a huge HST fan himself and was coming up to visit in a month. I was nervous but I thought sure what could go wrong? When he brought my book back to me the spine was cracked in about 8 long lines, and all the photo pages of the book (about 10) had come loose and were all crumpled because they'd not been left in line with the rest of the book and got crumpled in his bag etc. It killed me, I never lent out another book.

  24. Oh I totally feel for you. I hate loaning books out (there are only a select few that I will loan to). *hugs* It's almost worse than not getting the book back - because when you don't get it back you don't see it's injuries.

  25. I'm ok with my 9year old reading and loving a book so much it looks like it went through the apocalypse, but this is why I got him his own set of Harry one...and I mean no one...cracks my spine and dog-ears my pages!

  26. Funny story--I loaned Twilight to my aunt a couple years back. She gave it back to me and it was ALL EFFED UP. The spine had several cracks, the cover was was just awful. And even now that I'm out of my Twilight phase, it still bugs me. I haven't loaned a book to my aunt since.

  27. The post above reminds me of my own twilight experience.. I let my fiance borrow Eclipse and I have never seen the book again... he swears he gave it back.. but still now my collection of 4 is down to 3 and Eclipse was my FAVORITE of the series. I am still upset about it. I actually just bought the new copy, which is on the way but it is not the same, because it is NOT my original copy.

    But back the post. I get that way I am very hesitant about loaning books. In fact I don't do it anymore. I understand normal wear and tear with my books, but even I get upset if I accidentally damage my book past wear an tear. It almost makes me not want to read the book and buy a whole new perfect one.

  28. I hate when people are careless books, but I guess cracked spines happen. However, that one is pretty bad!

    I would have told them to keep that copy and go buy me a new book!

  29. I'm really OCD as well! I'm loaning a co-worker some books, and while most are hard-cover, I'm hesitating over loaning out EON. It's a huge book and I have a feeling the poor spine will crack...

  30. Wow. A couple of months ago, I wrote almost an exact post as you did!! With the photo of a book as well. My friend did not only break the spine but actually ripped the front page!! I was mortified. So I totally feel your pain.

  31. horrible, horrible, horrible. I had someone do this to me once and their response when I asked them about it was "That's the way it came to me", ummm, I don't think so. These people should be stoned!

  32. Oh, I cringe when I see this! I just tweeted you a pic of my book that was returned in horrible condition. The sad part is that my friend never offered to replace any of the THREE books she dropped in the lake on "accident." Needless to say, she's not borrowing anything else. Ever.

    Anyway, I totally feel your pain; broken nose and everything. It should be common sense that when you borrow something, you treat it nicely. If you crack someone's ipod, you offer to replace it...why don't people think the same of books?

  33. Eeek! This is one reason I don't like to let everyone borrow my books (that, and the people who just never bring them back...) I only let a few friends borrow my books, and they each receive a huge "be careful" speech. I'm a bit of a pain about it, but I don't really care hehe!

  34. Oh no! I won't even fold pages down in my own books so I totally understand your pain. That's not nice that someone would do that when they borrowed your book :/

  35. I lent someone in my family one of my quite new books and when she returned it, the spine was bent. :-(

  36. Yes! I lend my books out to certain people, but if you ever crack one of my spines, you will never receive a book again! Or folding the pages. I should just lend books out with bookmarks.

    I had the dog step on one of my books with his muddy paw. It was my own fault for reading and tanning while laying on the floor of the deck. He just wanted to check out what was in the book. It's now very, very sad.

  37. I just had the worst experience... spine cracks i can deal with even dog eared pages to a certain extent... no what really gets my goat... is that last time i read the 4th harry potter book there was not 3 pages missing... if there is one thing i cannot stand its pages missing out of a book its like having a finger removed even if its your pinkie and can do without it but you will always be missing a pinkie! =[

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