Friday, June 3, 2011

Your Makeshift Bookmarks (6)

Your Makeshift Bookmarks is derived from two things: a) my obvious blog name and tendency to use inane objects to mark my pages. And b) Jamie from The Perpetual Page Turner's inspiration (and suggestion!) to start a blog feature where you all can show off the awesome, random crap you use for bookmarks.

Today I welcome Jenn from Booksessed. She opted to do a photo post on the various items she uses for bookmarks, so let's get to that!

I never use actual bookmarks. I have some kind of weird aversion to them or something. My mom adores bookmarks and has them everywhere, which is odd because she doesn't really read. I use a lot of random things as you can see in the photos. I also dog ear the pages of books that I own. (I love my ereader as well, because when you hit "add bookmark" it dog ears the corner of that page.)

Things that I use on a regular basis are:

Library print out slips. I strew books from one end of my house to the other. It also helps me keep track of what I have out at any given time.

Cards and envelopes. The adorbs card is the birthday card Matt gave me this year, it came in that purple envelope, but never at the same time.

Ipod and cell phone. I mostly utilize these if I'm read reading a hardcover and I want the book to stay open to the page I was on. It took me forever to realize that I needed to use something weighted.

Far Side Comics. Matt's dad got him into these, who in turn got me hooked. They're snarky and sarcastic and I love them. We don't have them in any of the papers where I live, so Matt saves them up and sends me about 20 of them at a time.

Mail cards. You know those cards you get when you request delivery confirmation? They make excellent bookmarks. Plus, they're practically indestructible. Which is awesome.

Pencils, pens, lip gloss and bobby pins. I take books with me everywhere I go and sometimes the makeshift bookmark is whatever I can dig out of my purse.

The pupper. Ben is only used as a bookmark when he decides that he wants to be a bookmark. As soon as you move and leave things unattended such as clothes or books he climbs ontop of them and makes himself comfortable and gives you that innocent "what?" look. I didn't get a photo of him in the act. (He's very camera shy). But I have a photo of him napping in his kennel. When he lays on your books looking as shaggy as he does in this photo you'll be picking dog hairs out of your books for awhile. The second photo of him is post hair cut. Look! He shrunk!! It's not so made when he goes into bookmark mode post hair cut.


What an adorable pup! For real, he could be my bookmark anytime :) Thanks for stopping by, Jenn! And why don't you guys go check out Jenn's blog Booksessed and take a look around! She's a super sweet girl and you probably will want to follow her.


  1. Ah what a cute puppy!! Unfortunately my dog would shed & drool like crazy if I let her anywhere near my books. I don't trust her, haha.

  2. I do the cell phone and lip gloss thing when I'm in a pinch! And my dogs love to lick my books for some reason...Even my Kindle. Maybe they secretly love literature, too? :)

  3. I never do anything large that might damage the spine :D I mostly use trash... HAHA.

  4. Yay Jenn! I used my cell phone to weight the pages down too, when I want to book to lie flat on the table without my assistance. Works like a charm :)

  5. My husband tries, he really does. He often buys me these really sweet book marks in hopes that I'll stop using spoons and junk mail and nail clippers to hold my place. It just never works out the planned way and I'm back to using the Tobasco bottle within a week. I'm terrible...