Monday, July 11, 2011

Your Makeshift Bookmarks (11)

Your Makeshift Bookmarks is derived from two things: a) my obvious blog name and tendency to use inane objects to mark my pages. And b) Jamie from The Perpetual Page Turner's inspiration (and suggestion!) to start a blog feature where you all can show off the awesome, random crap you use for bookmarks.

And by the way, if you're interested in recording a vlog or doing a photo post for YOUR makeshift bookmarks, shoot me an email at makeshiftbookmark at gmail dot com and I'll be glad to feature you! You don't have to be a blogger, this is open to readers, too!

Heidi from YA Bibliophile is here today, sharing all the fabulous things she uses for bookmarks. Heidi is awesome and I know this firsthand because we met at the Dark Days of Supernatural stop in Chicago. She's so much fun to talk to and I'm super stoked that she wanted to do a vlog for me :)

I love that she uses hair instruments for her bookmarks. Honestly, I've done the same thing. Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures, I suppose? Make sure you stop by her blog HERE and follow her! She's fantastic and trust me, you will want her as a friend <3

Heidi wants one lucky person to win her big stack of bookmarks, swag, and temporary tattoos. Please leave your name and email in the comments by Sunday, July 17. I'll choose a winner on July 18 and pass your info over to Heidi, who will then send out a nice stack of swag for you.

And, of course, by entering this contest, you are automatically agreeing to my contest/privacy policy.

Just leave your name and email in the comments below.


  1. Very fun vlog. I used to be a big dog ear-er. Now that I have the blog + the teacher in me used post-it notes most of the time. But I love bookmarks.
    Amy @
    bookgoonie at yahoo

  2. Wow, she has a lot of different makeshift bookmarks! Awesome. I think that's the first time I've heard of someone using a headband as a bookmark! I don't often dogear pages of books I read for fun, but if I'm reading something for a class I might.

    If the giveaway's open to Canada, would love to be entered :)


  3. Heidi has a great blog and I love going to read what she has to say but I admit I had to cringe when I saw heidi dog earing the books. Please say it isn't so Heidi?

    It wasn't specified if this was US only so I will add my name.

    Thanks Jen for doing this Makeshift Bookmarks. I love seeing what everyone uses for bookmarks.


  4. Adorable!!

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  5. I love Heidi! You are right - you definitely want to be her friend. :)

    michelle at hookedtobooks dot com

  6. cute ideas!


  7. Okay, I totally had to pause the video when Heidi was talking about her family photo and says, "In my defense, my brother has a mullet." I think I started cackling! Bahahaha!

    Heidi, you are awesome! Loved all your bookmarks. =)

  8. wow, she uses a lot of different things. i never would have thought to use hair stuff for a bookmark...very clever.

  9. Wow that was crazy! Loved some of the things Heidi used as bookmarks - playing cards is a nice touch! And I'm glad to see others use the sticky tabs like I do and jot notes on papers inside too! :)

    If it's open to Canada count me in for the giveaway! :)



  10. PS I'm off to stalk Heidi now. :) LOL

  11. Great ideas and you totally cracked me up in this vlog! My fave was the fruit snacks :).

  12. That was awesome. I actually have a coffee tin full of book marks, but they very rarely get used as they are never around me.


  13. Love it! Love bookmarks!

    c (dot) beumer (at) gmail (dot) com