Monday, July 18, 2011

Your Makeshift Bookmarks (12)

Your Makeshift Bookmarks is derived from two things: a) my obvious blog name and tendency to use inane objects to mark my pages. And b) Jamie from The Perpetual Page Turner's inspiration (and suggestion!) to start a blog feature where you all can show off the awesome, random crap you use for bookmarks.

And by the way, if you're interested in recording a vlog or doing a photo post for YOUR makeshift bookmarks, shoot me an email at makeshiftbookmark at gmail dot com and I'll be glad to feature you! You don't have to be a blogger, this is open to readers, too!

Tara from Fiction Folio graces us with her presence today. This is a momentous occasion because I love Tara. Not only that, but she was one of my very first blogger friends. Not only THAT, but I got to meet her at The Dark Days of Supernatural and she is effing fabulous. All right then, let's get started!

First off, nicely done on getting the boy to cook you dinner. Second, I love your shirt. Where did you get it? Third, high-five on the no dog earing AND no dirty crusty food books! So now that Tara has unleashed her adorableness all over my blog, I think it's high time you follow her. You know you want to! Head on over to Fiction Folio and see what other awesomeness that Tara brings <3


  1. A fork, huh. My bookmarks always tend to be some random piece of paper laying around... can't say I have anything as interesting as a steak knife or pair of scissors.

    Also love that pic of you and Christopher :)

  2. I have a great picture that I use over and and my three kids on July 4th watching fireworks...from three years ago. I've used it that long. So, yeah, pictures are my favorite bookmark. :)


  3. i've definitely used writing utensils before too. i'm not proud of it...but there it is.

  4. haha I love the fork! and what's funny is that I have the SAME swag bag! a huge ziploc baggy full of random swag. Does everyone else too?!

  5. My favorite bookmark of Tara's is the utensils. I've never done that before, but it cracks me up!

  6. Kitchen utensils! What a brilliant idea, Tara! =)