Monday, October 17, 2011

36 Hours of Dancing.

This doesn't really have anything to do with ANYTHING bookish, but it's something I believe in. My little sister, Danielle, is participating in a 36 hour DANCE MARATHON (I freaking know!) to raise money for Riley Children's Hospital in Indiana. Here are her words on it:

"I'm raising money for IUDM, it's a dance marathon where we raise money for Riley's and then shake it for 36 hours straight. All donations go straight to Riley's. There's more info on the fundraising page if you wanna read it, but every little bit counts! It's all for the kids."

By no means should you feel obligated to do this, but it's an incredible cause and a fun way to help. I'm about to head over there to donate now. If you'd like to do the same, click here to donate!

Here's a video showing the awesomeness of dance marathons past. It makes me cry every time. There's nothing more rewarding than helping out kids!

Help Make Miracles :)


  1. I could not imagine dancing for 36 hours straight! haha Your sister is awesome for taking on the challenge & wanting to help such a wonderful cause <3

  2. I would be so, so tired if I tried to dance for 36 hours! They get snack and potty breaks, right? Haha I think she's doing an amazing thing for a great cause.

  3. Done & done. GO JEN'S SISTER!

  4. Such a great cause, I hope your sister has fun and raises lots of money!