Thursday, October 20, 2011

Review: This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

Published: Puffin (May 27, 2002)
Pages: 345
Format: Paperback
Series: No
Source: I purchased this book.
GoodReads Summary: When it comes to relationships, Remy doesn't mess around. After all, she's learned all there is to know from her mother, who's currently working on husband number five. But there's something about Dexter that seems to defy all of Remy's rules. He certainly doesn't seem like Mr. Right. For some reason, however, Remy just can't seem to shake him. Could it be that Remy's starting to understand what those love songs are all about?

My Thoughts: Surely I'm a freak of nature that I waited until 2011 to read a Sarah Dessen book, right? She's got about 50 billion of them out, so really I don't have an excuse as to why I waited so long. Maybe because I was afraid that I'd be disappointed after all the hype. And I do mean ALL the HYPE. Randomly, I picked up This Lullaby. And I'm happy to say it SHALL NOT be my last Dessen book.

Remy, Remy, Remy. YOU GOT ON MY LAST NERVE. But you know what? I liked it. Because when I am at odds with a character, it fills me with a massive hope that they will redeem themselves. Remy pushes everyone away. A regular mack daddy (mommy?), she has the six week rule down pat and OH MAN, she follows it strictly. Because when you have a mom who's had like 16 husbands, you find it hard to believe that love exists, right? RIGHT.

Enter Dexter, the gangly, quirky, obnoxious, musically-inclined, curly-haired, messy, flaily-limbed boy who is entirely too persistent (but super duper endearing) with standoffish Remy. I immediately thought of Adam Brody/Seth Cohen when I tried to celebritize Dexter. Because the way that Seth gradually and annoyingly (and totally intriguingly) wooed Summer? Yes. That is exactly, EXACTLY how it was with Remy and Dexter. I loved how he so slowly and entertainingly broke down Remy's walls. Because sometimes the picture perfect guys aren't the ones that get the girl. It's the awkward, stumbly types. And those are my favorite kinds. I have all sorts of hearts around his name in my mental spiral notebook.

Unique, sarcastic, lovable (after awhile) voice? Check. Believable plot and kept my attention? Check. Swoony dude? A MILLION TIMES, CHECK. I finally understand why you guys worship at the temple of Dessen. I GET IT.


  1. I freakin' LOVE this book! Might I recommend The Truth About Forever next? :)

    1. OMG the truth about forever is the best book out of them, i have read all her books except for "along for the ride"

  2. WELCOME to the world of Sarah Dessen!!!

  3. Adam Brody YES. If they make a movie, he HAS to play Dexter. Unless he's all old now. I haven't seen him in a while. And I agree - definitely read The Truth About Forever next!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS, if you're going to pick an intro to the cult that is Sarah Dessen, that's the one to pick. This has been one of my favorite books for YEARS, and I'm stoked to hear that you enjoyed it! Let us know how your next go-round with Dessen goes!
    - Chelsea

  5. I absolutely freaking love this book!!! But her BEST book, in my opinion, is The TRuth About Forever, which should definitely be next on your list :)

    Also,I couldn't help but picture Dexter as Darren Criss. But I pictured Sumner in That Summer like Darren Criss too.... Maybe I watch too much Glee.

  6. I'm so glad you liked it! I didn't read a Dessen until I wasn't too far ahead of you. This isn't one of my favorites but I still enjoyed it...can't wait to see which one you pick next!

  7. This was the first Sarah Dessen book I read. I LOVED IT!!! Nice review! I have a review of What Happened to Goodbye up today too. LOL

  8. I am one of those who's only been recently exposed to Sarah Dessen as well. I haven't read this one yet, but it sounds amazing and a lot of people have told me it's their favorite. I've read Along for the Ride (loved) and Just Listen (really loved!). After reading Along for the Ride, I admit that I bought every single Sarah Dessen book. I think you'd like Just Listen as well because music plays a key role in the story. Not to mention Owen is AWESOME. Remy and Dexter also make an appearance in it. Wonderful review!

  9. Ok, I wasn't going to read this but Seth and Summer might have me sold...I'm such a sucker!


    I love seeing people read Dessen for the first time :) I like ALL of her books and I'm glad you've jumped aboard the Sarah Express!

    I loooooved Dexter. It's always the awkward, quirky types that get me IRL. Great review!

  11. SARAH DESSEN!!! I love her books so much. I really like This Lullaby, but it's actually one of my least favorites (not because it's not good, but because I like the others better). I suggest Just Listen (my favorite! because Owen kinda reminds me of Jonah freakin' Griggs) and The Truth About Forever.

  12. I remember checking this out from the library around the time this came out, but I never got around to reading it and just returned it. Can you believe I've never read a Dessen book either!! I super need to. For sure. Great review :]

  13. I only read my first Dessen book at the beginning of this year so I'm not much better! I really want to read 'This Lullaby', as well as 'Just Listen' - they've both been highly recommended to me from other Dessen fans, and they involve music to some degree (and I LOVE music and when music and books merge into something awesome).

    Great review! I'm pumped up to grab a copy of 'This Lullaby' (I already own 'Just Listen' - Hallelujah to book swaps!)

  14. This is my FAVORITE Dessen book! and you totally nailed it with the Seth Cohen/Dexter comparison!!!

  15. Hey Jen! I could of sworn I was following you! Any I fixed that problem! I love Sarah Dessen. Her books are the first contemporary books I fell in love with. Loved your review!

  16. I thought I wrote a comment on this but apparently NOT!


    That's my comment. :-D

  17. I just posted today on a blog, how I haven't read anything from Dessen yet, and I feel really out of the loop. So when I was scrolling through your reviews, I had to click on this one!

    My friend Andrea just read her first Desson book, the truth about forever.. I have seen this one, Lullaby reviewed a few times too.. I haven't decided with book I will lose my Dessen virginity too.. I feel like with all the hype I have to pick the right one.. wine and dine them both.. then decide which one to take home with me. lol

    And can I just say, I adore the OC pic. Husband and I are still sad that show ended.. all cause that dumb marissa had to go do bigger and better things.. like nothing.. cause i haven't heard about her since.. I swear she was the down fall. It's true <---- I'm still bitter.

    Maybe I'll just put the titles in a hat, or be lazy and go to random org and make them decide what one to read first. I'm all of a sudden loving Contemporary, so my next batch of books I order will be all contemp.. or at least most! :)

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