Tuesday, November 22, 2011

10 Authors With Whom I'd Partake in Mass Amounts of Tryptophan and Wine

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the awesome Broke and Bookish peeps and thought up by list-loving mastermind, Jamie.

1. Stephenie Meyer
(Author of The Twilight Saga and The Host)
I'll just get this out of the way: I will have Thanksgiving catered by HEAVEN if SM will finish writing Midnight Sun. Also, because Breaking Dawn (the movie, NOT the book) was fabulous and I'd like to get her thoughts on it. Also, Midnight Sun.

2. Jeri Smith-Ready
(Author of the Shade series)
You'd be hard-pressed to find an author as bitchin' as JSR. She was one of the first authors who made me feel totally at home in the blogging community. Plus, not many people can write words that pretty much force tears from my eyes and cause my jaw to drop. Love her and her books.

3. Melissa Marr
(Author of the Wicked Lovely series)
Pretty much I would probably just giggle and fangirl for the majority of the dinner. She wrote one of the most beautiful and complex series in YA, and I am in love with her words. I'd share my most favorite wine with Melissa.

4. Michelle Hodkin
(Author of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer)
So you KNOW that with a brain that produced Mara Dyer, Michelle Hodkin has to be the most interesting woman in the world. I'd have Dos Equis on hand for her.

5. Kelly Creagh
(Author of Nevermore)
So I've met Kelly and she is ridiculously nice. She had warned me that Enshadowed may not come out until 2012 and I appreciate that she told me that, even if it hurt. But I would like to lament to Kelly about how sad I am that it's LATE 2012 and not EARLY. Plus, she's sweet and can draw pretty pictures.

6. Rachel Caine
(Authors of the Morganville Vampires series)
Together, we would come up with a diabolical plan on how to really and truly make the Morganville Vampires series NEVER EVER END. Or at least devise a Myrnin spinoff. And when I say "devise," I really just mean her throwing out genius ideas and me agreeing with every single one.

7. JK Rowling
(Author of the Harry Potter series)
I wouldn't even have the ability to speak to her, so I'd have the other authors pass her notes on how much I love her and she's brilliant and pretty and WOW, how did she come up with all of this and for her to sign all my books please and hey, do you think she could introduce me to Emma Watson? Because I want to know what it was like playing Hermione.


  1. The combined creeptasticness of everyone that has JK Rowling on their list would probably freak her out enough to be scared to ever come back to America...

  2. My favorites would be Nora Roberts, JK Rowlings, Stephen King, Jane Austen and Tolkien.

    Here's My Post

  3. Great list of authors! We only have JK Rowlings in common :)

  4. Yes, I feel the same about JK Rowling! I wouldn't know what to say to her to express exactly how much I love her books <3

  5. besides reminding me of how many of your favorites i'm still working on, this post reminds me of something important:

    i forgot to tell you i bought JSR's Shift the other day. but i don't have Shade, so i'm not sure if this was a smart thing or not. but it was a beautiful hardback for $3. so, i'm thinking maybe it was. i just remembered how much you RAVE about those books. at the same time, i also bought Nevermore for $3.

    has nothing to do with this post, but otherwise i'd forget to tell you until my IMM. but i guess i could've been patient and waited until then. but then i wouldn't be ME.

  6. seriously, i can't even fathom how all that awesome fit inside of JK's head. it's amazing.

  7. J.K. Rowling is on my list, too!!! (: Michelle Hodkin would be an incredible guest to have, as well!

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