Friday, November 4, 2011

The ABCs of the Morganville Vampires

Anna and I were talking the other day about how we feel like we're the only legit fangirls of the Morganville Vampires series. THIS WILL NOT DO. I have a goal: to convert more people to this awesome, long-running series. So I decided to incorporate my persuasion into one of the most basic forms: The ABCs.

HUGE thanks to Anna from Anna Reads for helping me come up with some of the letters and for assuring me this wasn't a stupid idea!

A - Addict
Hi. I'm Jen and I have an addiction. These books are my crack. I'd like to slang them to you.

B - Bind Ups
The first 8 books are available in omnibus form. Two for one. You cannot lose.

C - Claire Danvers
Enter the fearless protag. She gets more kickass with every book.

D - Drama
You cannot trust anyone. It's a constant mystery. There is so much action encapsulated within this series that I can't even... I CANNOT EVEN. This is no petting zoo, this is a drama llama RODEO.

E - Every 6 Months
Tired of waiting a whole frickin' year for the release of the next book in a beloved series? PSHH. You don't have to do that with these books.

F - Fanged Bunny Slippers
Because vampires have a sense of humor, too.

G - Goth Girl Barista
Claire's roomie/BFF Eve wears some wicked skull apparel. She'll also make you a mean mocha. No seriously, she scowls.

H - Humor
Rachel Caine is awesome and hilarious. She writes things that spawn chuckles. And I'm not talking pity laughter, either. I'm talking "holy crap, I would be the coolest person in the universe and possibly President if I were that clever."

I - Insubordination
Claire, Eve, Shane, and Michael? They have stage 4 stickittothemaneosis.

J - Joint Persuasion
If you don't believe MY reasons for reading this series, just ask Anna.

K - Killing
Because everyone loves a good murder now and then.

L - Learning, Higher
Claire is in COLLEGE. She's 15! This still counts as college students and I bow to college students in YA books.

M - Myrnin
Vampire inventor extraordinaire and resident crazypants. Hands down my favorite character in this series. He's completely cuckoo bananas and.....super cute. But also crazy. Mostly crazy.

N - Never Knowing Who's on the Cover
It's a friggin' mystery. I like it.

O - OMG 15 BOOKS!!!!
Yes, there are 15 books in the series. 11 are out currently. Don't let this deter you, because they're quick reads. You've got time to catch up before book 12. OFF WITH YOU.

P - Police
They won't save your ass either. They're on the payroll.

Q - Queen B
Monica Morrell is the Regina George of Regina Georges.

R - Romance
A LOT. And it's the good kind. The slow burn. And there are a lot of meaningful glances exchanged between many parties.
And honestly, after 11 books, I THINK there's a love triangle, but I'm not sure. Read it so we can discuss the many possibilities.

S - Spider, Bob the
The only spider I'll ever love.

T - Taxes (but not the kind you're thinking)
They have a Bloodmobile.

U - UNF. Sexy Times
They're there. And they're steamy.

V - Vampires
Obviously. They run the town. They have laws and history and maybe they'll be nice to you today, but probably not. One of them is a hippie with a salt & pepper ponytail. And he's one of the scariest.

W - Warm Fuzzies
My favorite moments within these books are the banter between the roomies. They have such chemistry and I just want to hug them all and buy them beer. (Vampires don't care about underage drinking laws.

X - XTREME Character Development
You know how you hate it when the main character makes dumb decisions and is weak? Well, Claire does that. BUT gets more and more independent with each book and more kickass and I love her so much. This goes for ALL the characters. Caine has busted her ass making these characters gradually more awesome and I bow to her for this.

Y - You Can't Leave Town
They will break you.

Z - Zey Get Better With Time
You'd think after 11 books, Rachel Caine would be running out of tomfooleries for the foursome to get into. You are so wrong, my friend. With every book, I fall more in love.


So there you have it. 26 reasons to succumb to one of my favorite series of all time. Are you convinced yet? And for those of you who are fangirls but have yet to squee with me about it, PLEASE leave YOUR reasons why you think those poor unconverted souls should read this series.


  1. Good job at persuading! I just ordered the first book on ILL :)

  2. YAY Tahleen, this makes me so, so happy. YOU WILL NOT REGRET. And even if you're not hooked by the first book, stick it out. I promise.

  3. OMG-you're are these books and your blog.

  4. I love this. I love you. I love Rachel Caine. AND I LOVE MYRNIN!

  5. Yes, yes, yes. You got this ON THE MONEY. I just need to catch up 8-11! :) And I'm SO glad it's one of those series that doesn't get more sucky as it goes on. It just gets BETTER.


  6. Gosh this is a great post!
    I love how you just summed up how fabulous the MV series is! :D

  7. Bahah I love this. This was your secret idea?? LOVE LOVE LOVE. Not stupid at all.

    I MAY give them a chance (because I don't really do vampires too often except TVD!) but you have persuaded me to tell my sister about them because she loooves vampires.

  8. OMG Jen!!! I LOVE this series!!!! I heard about it not that long ago and literally read all of the books in like 2 weeks. I can't wait to get my hands on the new one!! This post is awesome by the way :)

  9. Ooh heck yes! As I've mentioned to several people I basically read the first 10 books in a period of a week a couple of months ago. I swear I stopped everything and was up until 3 am every night because I just HAD to know what happened next. And then I told my Mom she had to get them from the library so she read them all over a few weeks as well. Like basically these books are SO addictive and awesome, and I'm not even normally a vampire fan. Like I typically dislike vampire paranormals, but these books are so different and awesome. Love this list, especially the inclusion of Myrnin's bunny slippers. ;)

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  11. I BOW to YOUR CLEVERNESS, Jen. No, seriously. This is knee-slapping hilarious, especially when peppered with such telling pics to support your argument XD

    I will tell you that I came THIS close to picking up the first three books from the library, BUT I had too many books to carry, and, alas I left my backpack behind. The vampires were too heavy to take back with me (note: I would've given them a piggy-back but NO BACKPACK *sigh*).

    I promise, though, ESPECIALLY for your insane efforts, that I will get to this series super super SUPER soon :D

    - Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)

  12. Oh my word, do you know how many palpitations I have when I see a blog post in list form? So many. I kinda love you right now.

    THIS is the way to get me to read a book. I just put Glass Houses on hold at the library.

  13. I own the first three bindups (so books 1-6), but haven't read any of them yet. I think it's because I don't really consider myself to be a "vampire book" person, but I guess that's kind of silly thinking because my favorite series are Twilight and Vampire Academy. Your list has convinced me that I need to read these books soon!

  14. I absolutely adore this series!! But I think I am a few books behind, can't wait to play catch up!!

  15. Absolutely, breathtaking, clever, daring, endearing, fabulous, great, hilarious, ingenious, jovial, knowledgeable, lovely, maniacal, noble obsession. Playful, quirky, resourceful, satirical, tempting, unbelievable, vampirical writing! Xenomanic young zealot! Yep, I love this series! I'm not done with the yet, tho. :)

  16. this has been on my to read list forever! now, thanks to you and Anna, i shall make it a priority.

    because there's nothing i love more than a Regina George, stickittothemanitis, and humor. AND VAMPIRES.

    thanks for the heads up, yo.

  17. You had me at vampire bunny slippers. I requested the first one through digital kindle lending :)

  18. "The Regina George of Regina Georges"
    LOVE IT.

  19. LOVE IT! I can say I have not ready any of this series.... YET. But I might just have to now. ;)

  20. Vampires aren't really my thing, but this list is totally and completely awesome. Just thought you should know :D

  21. You cheated for X and Z. *tsk*

    Don't make me *sparkle* at you.

  22. Well, I'm sold! Looks like I'll be off to the library tomorrow! Great post, Jen :)

  23. Love this series. Love the Bunny slippers with fangs!! Laughed out loud when I read for the first time. Big hearts for Myrnin!! I love that there is the typical teenage drama and even though everyone's life is in danger 99.9% of the time, you still have moments where you can't help but giggle!! Last Breathe is so on my TBR priority list.

  24. i adore this!

    this book series is amazing and your blob is too ! :)

  25. I just started like a week ago and I'm already up to book 4, easy peasy. I had no idea there are supposed to be 15! That's amazing.

    I mostly agree with never knowing who is on the cover. Is the blonde on Feast of Fools Shane? I think so, but who can say!

  26. I'm reading the series now, and just found this post. I love it!