Saturday, December 31, 2011

Peace Out to 2011

2011 has been real. And by that, I mean the following:

Really Difficult: I'm not kidding you when I say that this has been the most strenuous year of my life so far. With numerous family illnesses, including: dementia, two heart attacks, bladder cancer, pneumonia, skin cancer, gall bladder issues, there have been more trips to the hospital that I would have preferred. I'd have preferred none, but that's life.

Really Stressful: Um, nursing school and working full-time. The same as last year, but WORSE.

Really Busy: A combination of all of the above, adding in my own neurosis and procrastination. I don't abstain from posting just because I want to, I do because THERE IS NO TIME.

But on the other hand, it's also been real positive.

Really Triumphant: Most importantly, I graduated nursing school, despite all the ridiculousness. Not to mention I got an RN job that I will be starting in January. On the lesser important, but also fabulous and more blog-centric, I read 107 books this year. This is not only more than I was shooting for, 100, but it was more books than I've ever read in a year.

Really Fun: I met some amazing bloggers and solidified some fantastic friendships. I've spent more quality time with family than in previous years. I had a hilarious, fun, awesome time in Las Vegas, despite all the money we lost. And I've just taken it day by day and enjoyed all that I've been given.

So while 2011 had its ups and downs, I think I'll definitely focus on those positives and leave all the trials & tribs at the door. 2012 is going to be a great year. I can feel it.


  1. 2011 was the year of really bad health things. For a lot of people. What was up with that? Rude, 2011, very rude.

    I am super excited and happy for you about graduating nursing school AND getting a job so quickly. I wish you nothing but the best with that.

    I am thankful that 2011 introduced me to you and your blog, even if it was late in the game. Blogging buddies are the BEST.

    Happy New Year, Jen!

  2. Whatever happens in 2012, I know it's gonna be okay, because you'll let me whine my way through when times go bad, then cheer me up afterward. ;) LOVE YOU!

  3. Happy New Year Jen! I hope 2012 is more REALLY goods for you then REALLY bads! You are beyond awesome!

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  5. Yeah, I second that @cat. 2011 struck devastation and strain on my family this year as well, but overall it's been pretty positive. I don't feel like my life TOTALLY sucked this year. But there's something humming in the air now that 2012 is getting closer. I feel like lots and LOTS of good things are coming everyone's way this year...

    By the way, I don't know if I've mentioned this in so many words, but your blog is MADE OF WIN. I can always count on a laugh when I come here. There's this infectious, almost childlike enthusiasm that emanates from your reviews and gets me excited for any of the books you talk about. And I salute you, in fact, I bow to you, for recognizing the genius that is Morganville and passing it on. :D

    Happy New Year, Jen!

    - Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)

  6. You have much to reflect and celebrate my friend. Allow me to add some things to your list:

    Really Badass - because let's be real, going to school AND working full time AND keeping up this amazing blog is badass. YOU are badass. Really badass, even.

    Really Exciting - it's been so wonderful hearing about the nursing school journey and the job search and all of the deets along the way. thanks for sharing more of you with your readers.

    Really Inspiring - you have a fresh voice and commitment to blogging that is an inspiration to me. I know I'm not alone with the Jen love either, so there.


  7. YAY GRADUATING. YAY BOOK BLOGGERS AND LAS VEGAS. Boo losing money and sad family stuff, but I hope it gets better <3333

    Happy New Year, Jen!! And congrats on your jobbbbb and buying scrubs next week :)

  8. That's sad about all the bad health. I hope 2012 is just the opposite with everyone happy and in good health.

    I am glad though that 2011 did have some ups and that you had a good time in Vegas!

    Here's to 2012, I'll raise my wine glass to that.

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