Saturday, February 11, 2012

In My Mailbox (48)

IMM is hosted by Kristi, aka The Story Siren. This probably goes without saying by now, but you can share the awesome bookish love by showing us what you received this week. And it doesn't just have to be review books. If that was the case, my IMM would be EMPTY 95% of the time. This is the opportunity to show the books you paid cold hard cash for, too. Not to mention library books, borrowed books, books you found on the street, gifted books. YOU NAME IT.

In other news, I definitely took my nursing boards this week, also known as NCLEX. National Certification Licensure Examination. Or some variation of that. Well, you can get anywhere from 75 to 265 questions on this exam and are audio and videotaped throughout the entire process. It's SRS BSNS. Unlucky me got 193 questions, so naturally I was freaking out. Moral of the story: complain about nursing school incessantly for two years while working your butt off and chronicling everything on every possible social media site and YOU WILL PASS YOUR BOARDS. Finally no more obstacles.

Moving on:

This week is deemed: Other Bloggers are Generous as SHIZZ. Because they are.

From Lynn at Bringing the Epic
Start Me Up by Victoria Dahl
Lead Me On by Victoria Dahl
Fracture by Megan Miranda
Lynn has been raving about Victoria Dahl for quite some time now. I simply must see what all the fuss is about.

From Melanie at Reclusive Bibliophile
Raw Blue by Kirsty Eagar
Blood Song by Rhiannon Hart
In Too Deep by Amanda Grace
And Then Things Fall Apart by Arlaina Tibensky
Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer

Thank you so much, ladies, for making my week AMAZING. And for stuffing my mailbox full of awesomeness. LOVE YOU BOTH!


  1. Congratulations on passing your boards!! I am so excited for you!

  2. Fracture and Bloodrose are AMAZING!!!!! I really hope you love them!!!! Congrats on passing the boards!!! That's awesome :D

  3. *happy dances around your pile 'o books*


    Also, yay for blogger lurve!

  5. First of all congrats, that's great! And these books look amazing!

  6. Blood Song is SO GOOD. (And hooray! for passing your boards!)

  7. Ah RAW BLUE is soo hard to find in North America. Yo, pubs, get on that Aussie goodness. Enjoy and congrats!

  8. I want to read Raw Blue so bad! I think I'm going to have to break down and order it! Enjoy all your new books.

  9. Great job passing your boards! Jen you rock!!!

    ALSO the Victoria Dahl books look awesome.

    Happy reading :-D

  10. I keep hearing a big fuss around FRACTURE. Must read soon! You have a ton of excellent books. Enjoy them!

  11. Wow, you have some really awesome blogger friends! I loved Fracture. Hope you enjoy all your books, and congrats on passing your nursing boards!

    My IMM

  12. Congrats on passing the boards! And terrific IMM!

    Here's my IMM!

    Amber @ Fall Into Books

  13. Congrats on passing your boards!

    And I have to say, I am psyched to read FRACTURE, IN TOO DEEP, and BLOODROSE. Great haul!

    Here's what I got this week.

  14. I haven't read any of these, but I hope you enjoy them!

    Happy reading!
    My IMM

  15. Congrats on your boards!! That's so exciting!!

    I've read And Then Things Fall Apart, I loved it!!

  16. Blood Song and Bloodrose look great. I hope you enjoy reading this week!

    Here's my Mailbox.