Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tune in Tuesday (4): Neon Trees and Beirut

Tune in Tuesday is hosted by Ginger at GReads! I share Ginger's fanatical love for music. Seriously, we text about songs all the time in the form of "OMG YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS IT'S LIKE HARMONIC NOOKIE FOR YOUR EARS." It's one of my favorite things about her, so I don't know why I don't participate in this feature more often.
I saw Neon Trees in concert with My Chemical Romance last April. I had heard Animal prior to seeing them, but that's it. Tyler Glenn, lead singer, had me absolutely enraptured. His passion onstage, the sing-scream (over which I swoon x 1000), his dancing, EVERYTHING. Amazing. Not to mention a female drummer. BAD ASS. Neon Trees has a new album that was just released and I am absolutely obsessed. My favorite thing about this band? It's not sex and money with them. It's first glances and first kisses and anticipation. Like a YA book. And there's something ridiculously intriguing about that.

If their song Weekend doesn't make you get up and dance, there's a problem.

video credit foxyandginger

Beirut was really a fluke on my radar. One of my husband's students is a total music hipster and told me about Beirut. Seriously, I thought I listened to good music. Apparently I was wrong.

First listen to the studio version of Nantes.

video credit zabeus

Now the creative live version. Zach Condon has, as G puts it, Glorious Hair. And that VOICE and the tuba and accordion. And my God, is that a conch shell? I just died.

video credit zabeus


  1. Neon Trees! I am becoming a fan of their music after the fact. I got a bit turned off when EVERYONE liked their first single. I tend to shy away from music that gets played out on the radio. I need to listen to the not so popular tunes of theirs though.

  2. I was at the mall with my friend Kati and Neon Trees came on. I got just a little too excited and embarrassed her but I just couldn't help it, I love them!

  3. If you like Beirut and you're not already familiar, you should try Devotchka. They're not quite as good as Beirut but they have that same world-music vibe with the horns and the strings. They're probably mostly known (relatively speaking) for their stuff that was on the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack but I think their best songs are Queen of the Surface Streets, Danglin' Feet and You Love Me.

    Also, The Magnetic Fields is my FAVORITE band of all time. Listen to All My Little Words and try not to love them. I Don't Really Love You Anymore is probably my second fave song of theirs. Some of their stuff is a bit out there and an acquired taste but their good stuff is SO good. The singer has a few side projects as well - I really like the 6ths.

  4. Wooow finally I see Beirut! Amazing!! I love Neon Tres. OMG I adore your random choose!

    This is my Tune in Tuesday

    Im a new blogger, very glad to meet youu!

    Valery • The Book Of Owl’s
    Please feel free to leave me any advice or recommendation! :D

  5. These are awesome! I see why you like them! And YAY for female drummers. I think that's what I like most about Sick Puppies! Girls CAN rock!

  6. Oh my gosh. *squee* Someone else who knows Beirut!

  7. I can't not dance along to Weekend! :D It's so good.

  8. WOOO! I love Neon Trees & Beirut but I think we talked about this lol. You need to watch this cover of Nantes...I am obsessed. I love this girl just in general though!


  9. I approve, of course, as you already know. These here voices are marriage material, Jen Jen Jen. xoxo

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