Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Thoughts: The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

Published: October 23, 2012
Simon & Schuster, 530 pages, hardcover
Source: Edelweiss
GoodReads Summary: The truth about Mara Dyer's dangerous and mysterious abilities continues to unravel in this gripping sequel to the thrilling "The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer." One week after Mara walked into a police station in Miami at the close of "The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer," she has been committed to psychiatric treatment for what her parents believe was a mental breakdown. But what seems like a hallucination to everyone else is a chilling reality for Mara. Someone from her past has discovered her strange, deeply disturbing secret and that someone wants her to pay. But when no one believes the truth, Mara is totally helpless. The only person on her side is Noah Shaw, as sexy and handsome as he is loyal and cunning. Noah is the only person who can help Mara--as long as he doesn't get himself killed in the process.
Yeah, yeah. I'm supposed to be on a summer hiatus from blogging. And this book doesn't come out until October 23. And this is more of a stream of consciousness than a review.


The Evolution of Mara Dyer has just infiltrated and plundered my brain and I can't sleep until I tell you about it.

You know that feeling that you hope and wish for every time you read a book but, more often than not, are underwhelmed? That notion where, "hey, what good is life anyway if I'm not reading this very book in this very moment?" That moment when you build up this elaborate hypothesis in your brain and you're all, "I KNOW how this should end, why doesn't the author just let me take the reins from here on out, mmkay thanks," but then you're introduced to a conclusion (or cliffhanger, such is the case) that rattles every molecule of your being to the point where you're going to lose your shiz for the next 365+ days until you get that soul-slaying conclusion to one of those most enthralling, possessing series that you've ever read in your 27 years of life?

Yeah, this book has those things.

If you were left scrambled after The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, I have good news for you. You get some answers. (And OH MY GOD, Noah. He loves her so, so much. It's insane.)

But then there's an ass ton of new information that will leave you sitting there with a pen and paper, eyes darting to and fro, trying to divy up your attentions between devouring this book and fiercely mapping out flow charts to try and make sense of what mastermind Michelle Hodkin is illustrating before your eyes.

I did get a little nervous at one point that it was taking a spin towards WTF-territory. But then I learned to bask in the WTFery. I trust where this is going. I always trust the unreliable narrators. It'll all come together, through hell or high water.

I'm sleep-deprived but shameless in my love and devotion to this series and this author. If the world ends before I read The Retribution of Mara Dyer, I will be seriously pissed. Dead, but pissed. I will have no remorse for the amount of poltergeisting I will do.

Preorder. Like now. I will be buying two. (I need one where I can highlight and circle and star and draw gnarly sketches of Noah and Mara kissing, cuddling, getting married in the margins around all my favorite lines. Photographic evidence to come.)


  1. OMG!! You said everything. This is exactly how I feel about this book. It's just crazy awesome isn't it? Michelle Hodkin is a genius, maybe even an evil genius..but in a good way. :) That ending! AHHH!

  2. I take it this book was really, really good then? :P

    Skyway Avenue Reads

  3. I was SUCH a huge fan of Mara Dyer and I am STOKED to hear that the next one is equally as rad with the answers and more WTFery. YES YES YES.

  4. That book cover is certainly enticing! Mmm.. looks like an interesting read, fo' sure! ;)

    Thanks for the post!

    p.s. Just ran across your blog! It's cute!

  5. Of course you already read this! I love this cover and make sure to tweet those margin-drawings!

  6. I haven't had to make a flow chart since high school, so I might be a little rusty. I'm glad this book was mind-blowing! I'm also glad Noah still loves her fiercely. I can't wait to see what WTFery you are talking about. :)

  7. So, I should be reading Throne of Glass for Bout of Books right now, but somehow I wound up here at your blog and this review, and I just finished this book a little over an hour ago, so I just had to read and comment!

    Basically, everything you said is SPOT ON. Everything from the not being able to pry yourself away to the heading into WTF-territory (thankfully, it spent most of the time in WTF-territory that was intriguing and mind-bending, rather than off-putting, which I was momentarily afraid of). I did not join you in your flowcharting ways, rather tried to store everything in my brain, which basically ended it flashing OVERLOAD more than a few times.

    For the record, I will totally be joining you with that angry poltergeisting action if the world ends before I get my hands on Retribution. My life will not be complete without it, TRUE FACT.

  8. I really loved this book. It was full of mystery, and it was a different type of book. I love Noah ;)

    I want to read the second book to see if the mystery gets bigger or starts to give answers ;)

    Zaira Lynn (Cash Advance For Business)

  9. The book ends once again in a cliff hanger and I'm freaking out just thinking about how long I'll have to wait to read the last book. Fans of the Mara Dyer series will not be disappointed!

    (Angela Addiego)