Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: I Must Confess..

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and created by Jamie.

OH, I couldn't help myself but to participate in this one: Bookish Confessions.

1. Ever since the invention of the GoodReads Reading Challenge, I find myself a very, very depressed reader.
Don't you just despise that little graphic in the corner of your blog, mocking you, pointing at you, taunting you "YOU'RE 4 BOOKS BEHIND, JEN!" That's exactly how it makes me feel. Like a failure of a reader. But, Goodreads, something came up this week, I SWEAR. You don't have to belittle me and flaunt my shortcomings! Just like an abusive boyfriend or an overbearing parent, Goodreads fails to be uplifting when you're falling slightly short.

2. Speaking of Goodreads, I'm pretty obsessed with updating my reading status.
Maybe it's the sense of validation I get from seeing that I'm making progress, but there's something so fulfilling about tracking how far into this or that book I am.

3. I skim block paragraphs in lackluster books.
If a book is boring the heck out of me, you'd better believe that my eyes totally glaze over those long, torturous descriptions.

4. I am intrigued by low star ratings.
For whatever reason, I think I can find something magical in a book that everyone else missed. I'm more likely to read a book that has critical reviews than one that has a bunch of glowing reviews and is world-renouned. I cheer for the underdog, what can I say?

5. I cannot read books with the dust jackets on.
My reasoning for this is threefold: I don't want them to get damaged. I don't like that they're flip floppy when I'm trying to turn the pages and it falls off and I'm all "FFFUUUUU." And I don't particularly like people seeing the covers of books I'm reading in public. NO, I will not give you an explanation and how rude of you to ask when I'm clearly reading, thanks. No one likes those conversations.

6. Five star books are few and far between these days.
Maybe my standards are just impossibly high. Maybe books these days aren't as good as they were back in 2008 when I started vigorously reading again. Maybe it's because I'm always challenging myself with those low-starred books. But for a book to deserve those five stars, I need to feel that book IN MY SOUL. I need to daydream about it when I'm not reading it and I need to miss it when it's finished.

7. I sometimes buy an entire series of books without reading the first.
Not only does this take up space on my shelf, but there's no guarantee that I'll like the books. LOOKING AT YOU, BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD.

8. Sometimes I just don't feel like reading.
And so I envelop myself in other obsessions. Ahem, True Blood. Eric Northman. AHEM.

9. I dream cast all my favorite books.
I have to pick a celebrity to represent those characters that I love. Sometimes, if a character is really vivid, I come up with my own picture of them, like with Irial from the Wicked Lovely series. But mostly, I'm unoriginal and pick a pretty face that already exists to be the star.

case in point: nathan adrian = elder from across the universe

10. I am queen of the DNF.

Even if it's a book I'm sort of enjoying, if it's not fitting the exact mood I'm in, I stop. Ain't no time for that.


  1. Oh man, the Goodreads graphic mocks me sometimes too. I didn't reach my goal last year and I felt like a big old failure. Then I was like, "wait. I still read 117 books in 2011. That's way more than most people. Get a grip Jenn." ;) And now it doesn't bother me.

  2. Love this! I'm over my goal for the year, so no mocking from Goodreads for me! Though, I'm like you --- I can't NOT update my reading status! I'm also one of those people who buy ALL the books in the series. Most of the time I'm lucky and actually LIKE the series when I start reading, but sometimes I'm like, 'Why did I waste my money??"

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Lol. Love it! I read without dust jackets too. I don't want to ruin them. :)

  4. HAHAHAHA I love your lists Jen.

    I love your Goodreads update like a kid loves candy. Seriously. I feel like a peeping tom - knowing EXACTLY where you are in your book at any given time - which might be seen as creepy but really it's just love.

    Also, those darn dust jackets make too much noise for me. That's why I have to take 'em off, take 'em all off!

    Black Dagger Brotherhood, WHAT? Jen! I'm married to those books.

  5. nathan adrian nathan adrian nathan adrian. *drools*

  6. "I am intrigued by low star ratings." This fascinates me to no end! It almost makes me want to read the book more than a five-star book... so weird.

  7. K, hi -- I resonate with like every single one of these, except for maybe number 10. I need to get better about *not* forcing myself to read a book I don't feel particularly into at the moment. AH.

  8. I am obsessed with goodreads as well! Like, I constantly update it and watch that reading challenge like a hawk.

    Also? Are we the same person with the Black Dagger series? Seriously. I bought that box set of the first five books and still have not read. Alas.

  9. Sometimes I don't feel like reading and I spend my time binging on Doctor Who! :D YAYY!!!! Also, Eric Northman is MINE!!!!

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

  10. Oh, I have a huge guilt complex about being 'behind' in my reading, too. It's terrible! I love your confessions - thanks for sharing!

  11. DNF-ing is a must. Nathan Adrian is a must.

  12. Last year the GR challenge widget was my cheerleader. Last year I passed 100 books read by mid-August. This year the GR challenge widget is most certainly mocking and rude. It's all "You're 8 books behind, lady! You SUCK! You FAIL! Why do you even call yourself a reader!"

    *sobs* I'm at 73 books though... that's still good, right? RIGHT?

    1. I think I'm at 73 books, too. I damn well hope that's still good!

  13. I am becoming more and more of the Queen of DNF - I am just like eh about so much these days.

    I also buy whole series without reading the first and then hope and hope I love them so I didn't waste all the monies lol.

  14. I really have to bite my tongue to not ask people what they are reading. I know it's rude to interrupt, so I find myself in all sorts of strange contortions trying to recognize the cover! Love reading these lists!

  15. I agree with you on that dumb Goodreads challenge! I get obsessive about trying to stay ahead of it. This past week I finally managed to be 2 books ahead and yelled at it to "suck that!" Sooo, I don't think I'll have a challenge next year. It's too stressful, lol!

  16. When I read the title of your post, I totally sang the Britney song in my head. Made me smile :)

    Anyway, I am in total and complete agreement about dust jackets. I ALWAYS take mine off before I read the book, mostly because I don't want them ruined when I carry the book around or shove it into my bag!

  17. Bahaha, your #2 cracked me up. The other day I was trying to rationalize in my mind if it's acceptable to update my reader status as frequently as I feel that I do. Then I realized, who cares, I like to so that's good enough. Like you said, there's something fulfilling about seeing progress!

  18. Not going to lie, I've skimmed the last few pages in books I didn't like just to get to the end. And I can't read with dust jackets on either, except in rare occasions.

  19. 1 and 2 made me laugh SO hard. It is SO true and I am also guilty of 3,4,5,8 and 9.

  20. Goodread reading challenge, I despise you. Madly trying to keep up and just when I'm nearly on top of it, it goes and say's I'm behind - again. I think it's mocking me. Same, I always take the dust jacket off. ALWAYS.

    Love this list :)

  21. Man this has gotta be my favorite TTT to date. Loved all of yours! I feel like a lot of the books I'm reading are all STAR STAR STAR because I'm so incredibly picky when it comes to reading and I heavily rely on you lovelies to point me in the right direction.

    Heaven help me. Nathan Adrian. Swoon. I tried casting him for the role of Park in ELEANOR & PARK, but he seemed more like the older, beefier, hotter big brother. Mmmm. Ahem.

  22. I'm right there with you on number 8. Sometimes I just don't feel like reading so instead I obsess about a tv show (Doctor Who! or new video game (current obsession = Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeons)