Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Book Blogger Woes (3)

I am a huge fan of First World Problems. I'll be the first person to scroll through their Twitter and laugh out loud to myself, thinking "yes. I DO THAT. In ALL of life." And honestly, guys? I do it in blogging, too. A LOT. I get all uppity about the most ridiculous things. Thus, Book Blogger Woes was born. Every so often, I'll be sharing a different blogger pain pertaining to all of the sulking... but in a comical way.

(Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels these things. You just have to. I can't be the only one.)

Carla Edition

I am an awkward person in real life. I stare a lot. I say inappropriate things and my lack of filter means I just say whatever comes into my head. I DO NOT know how to act around authors. Honestly, it's like an illness. I queued to see Charlaine Harris and didn't know what to say to her so decided shouting FANGBANGER at her was OK. I met John Green and ended up telling him to fuck off (in a joking way of course but WHO DOES THAT.) And then there is this story.....

When I was in NYC I want to this swanky rooftop shindig at the Scholastic HQ in Soho to celebrate the This is Teen event. Libba Bray, Meg Cabot AND Maggie Stiefvater were in attendance  and when I say in attendance, I mean just wandering around chatting to everyone. And I knew I would be weird, but this was different! I was going to be just fine if I followed these 3 easy steps.

Step 1 - try really hard to BE COOL. don't freak out, take deep breaths and remember they are just a person like you. The only difference is they have a book published. They're just like YOU. BE COOL.

Step 2 - completely ignore step one and FREAK THE FLIP OUT. Start to hyperventilate and flap your arms around. Can't catch your breath and almost start crying because THE EXCITEMENT IS TOO MUCH. Make a fool out of yourself because you can't actually speak you just jab your name badge over and over as the author in question wonders why you aren't in a straight jacket. (in this case, Maggie Stiefvater)

Step 3 - catch your breath and revel in the moment. YOU JUST MET AN AUTHOR YOU LOVE. You were totally cool. THE COOLEST.


  1. I *die*. This sounds just like me! But instead of flailing in the air, I was flailing on the floor like a broken break dancer. Which is totes okay except people question the expanse of the insanity you quietly carry around with you. Cool is relative. What IS cool, anyway? It's like the word normal. Who is ever really NORMAL? (And if you raise your hand to thwart my point, I will drop kick your hand down.)


    I love that I was there for the Maggie Stiefvater Carla Freakout of 2011.

    I have to constantly remind myself to be cool when I go to author events and not act like a jackass.

  3. Oh my freaking gosh! This post had me cracking up! This is totally me!!!

    I just love this feature! It's nice when I can 100% relate to something, even if it is embarrassing moments :P

  4. haha I wondered about the Maggie incident since Jamie mentioned it on Twitter! OH GOSH, this is how I feel when I meet musicians too. I am a complete mess and I ramble and it's just lawm;gdkmg LOTS OF HAND MOTIONS!!! I am actually amazed in my very limited experience in meeting with authors, I have not scared any of them.

  5. LMAOOOOO, Carla! I love you. When Maggie Stiefvater asked me my name, I just blurted out, "YOU!" Share more moments in the life and times of Carla!


  6. Oh gosh, YES. This just happened to me with JK Rowling, where I basically just gaped and flailed in front of her.

  7. Love it! Unfortunately, I really haven't met a lot of authors, but I was pretty quiet around the ones I did meet. I think I need to prepare something to say so I don't just fangirl when I meet someone! Though, I think if I met one of my absolute favourites, I'd probably go a little insane. :)

  8. I've only met two authors, but both times my voice went up at least three octaves. And when I met J.K. Rowling, I was shaking so hard it was amazing my teeth didn't rattle. haha

  9. Ahh! This describes it exactly! I've only met two authors, the first a couple years ago and the second, recently. It was disastrous both times. I pretty much acted really strange...

  10. Can I just say that I am SO happy I got to witness the epic Maggie-Carla freakout! I just can't even describe it and I hate that I didn't video it but it was SO not what I thought would happen because you are so cool and calm -- at least what I had learned of you thus far in our BEA journey.

    But yes. I freaked the fuck out when I met John Green and rambled about how I used his quotes as part of my wedding. I sometimes just try to act really cool and then something really stupid comes out of my mouth. OOPS.

  11. Love this. I am notorious for getting so nervous that I start to think I'm crazy. I've gotten better but it's still semi awkward and I never know if the author is going to be receptive or sort of weird? Which I think is part of my anxiety too. (Has this happened to you?)

    Thanks for sharing + hey, we all learning from major freak out experiences, right?

  12. I will never ever get tired of reading/hearing about this story. Especially when GIFs are involved.

  13. Aw, reading about moments like this always make me smile, Caral! I'm sure they were amused :D

    And I don't freak out around authors, maybe I just haven't met one who can inspire that in me... yet!

    Mands xox