Friday, November 9, 2012

Ten Questions with Rachel Caine + Morganville Vampires Giveaway!

I am beyond thrilled to be part of the Morganville Vampires Mayoral Elections blog tour. And, of course, to promote the latest addition to the series, Bitter Blood. Rachel Caine was amazing enough to answer some of my most prying, obsessive questions (primarily about Myrnin, duh.) I'm here to share with you the answers that had me LOLing all over the place. 

Makeshift Bookmark: First off, thank you so much for stopping by, Rachel! I saw you at the RT Convention in Chicago this year, and someone made a joke that you could take a series and make 45 books out of it. How in the world do you manage to keep the plot lines so fresh and twisty?

Rachel Caine: I think it helps that I have a twisty, twisty brain … my natural question to any normal event is, how could this go wrong? And then I continue to explore that landscape of awful disasters until I find something that surprises me, like Invasion of the Rabid Squirrel People. But then I usually back up a step or two, because I don’t think the general public is ready for the Rabid Squirrel People series. YET.

MB: Whew, so there's still hope for Rapid Squirrel People. The bookish world needs this. What three items are essential to survival in Morganville?

RC: Friends, silver, and pizza delivery. What?! Are you going to go out for food at midnight? I DIDN’T THINK SO.

MB:  Not this chick, that's for darn sure. So hey, do you ever sit back and think "I wish I would've done ______ differently" when it comes to the Morganville series?

RC: Oh, sure … I think I’d be crazy if I didn’t. For instance … I’ve killed off at least one character that I regret losing now, because he turned out to be such a fan favorite. And there are always things in every book that I see later that I regret doing … but it’s part of a writer’s life to accept what it’s too late to change. (After approving page proofs!)

MB:  Would you ever consider a spin-off following the conclusion of the series? (I get all weepy when I think about The End, Rachel. I really do.)

RC: I was just discussing it today, and my feeling is I just don’t know yet. I’m going to take a 6 month vacation from deadlines in 2013, and when that’s up, I’ll know a lot better how I feel about the direction I want to go. I love Morganville, and I don’t want to leave it, so I imagine that I’ll be coming back for visits, at the very least. And there may be something else, like novellas. I’m mulling it over! I’m sorry for making you weepy. And yet, I’m delighted, too. That’s probably wrong, isn’t it?

MB: It's totally okay to be delighted. THIS IS HOW INVESTED I AM. Okay, give us the dirt: who would win in a brawl, Shane or Myrnin? (Fine, fine, Shane can have one weapon. Not the flamethrower, though.)

RC: Is it Good Myrnin or Bad Myrnin? Because dude. It makes a difference. If it’s Bad Myrnin, I’m not sure that even a flamethrower would help. And either way, I think if Myrnin seriously, really wanted Shane dead, Shane by himself would have a very hard time preventing it.

MB:  Mmmm, I love me some Myrnin. Good and bad. If you could describe his true feelings for Claire in one word, what would it be?

RC: Regard. It’s an old-school kind of word, but I think it fits: he holds her in high regard, which is a little touch of romanticism, a lot of respect, and a great deal of longing from afar. It’s a very Myrnin kind of emotion, I think.

MB: Ah, the longing from afar. It KILLS me. But focusing more on the political aspect of Morganville, we all know Monica wants her "rightful" place as Mayor of Morganville. What is she passing out as her campaign promotional goodies?

RC: She’s not passing out anything … it’s your job, dear voter, to give her things! She’s taking donations, of course. And she’s expecting sizeable ones, so you’d better get on that, quickly. Bribes are also highly acceptable. But don’t expect her to spend any money on bumper stickers or signs. She gets people to do that kind of thing for free, through intimidation.

MB:  Personally, I'd vote for Myrnin as Morganville Mayor. Let's face it, the pretense of order hasn't worked thus far in this city. Perhaps we need a little more crazy. And we all know Myrnin has a knack for ridiculous outfits. Please brief us on a hypothetical mayoral outfit.

RC: Obviously, a top hat is mandatory. It might or might not have a bell on it, but it definitely does have a peacock feather. I believe he might go with a relatively sane silk shirt, possibly black, possibly with a long, pointy collar. And a satin vest of an obnoxious color. Tailcoat, of course, because mayor is a formal position. And a sash. Probably a multicolored sash, with a giant florette pinning it together. Did I mention the boutonniere? It’d be a sunflower.

There. Someone, quick, draw that.

MB: Someone NEEDS to draw that. There are only a couple books left in the Morganville Vampires series, with some major villains out of the way (allegedly.) In a sentence, what can readers expect in the final few books?

RC: Well … without giving too much away, Bitter Blood brings us back to the idea that vampires without checks and balances are a bad thing … especially when they’re being egged on by personal ambition. And Shane will make a big, big mistake, which will have consequences in Fall of Night. There’s a change of scenery in Fall of Night, and some new, non-Morganville problems, but we’ll return home for Book 15, which is currently (and very tentatively) called Daylighters. I can safely say that you won’t see Book 15 coming.

MB: Finally, can we ever expect an onscreen adaptation out of Morganville? There's more than enough plotlines to keep us satisfied for, you know, 10 seasons of TV. This needs to happen!

RC: Oh, man, it’d be fun, right? But right now, the Magic TV 8-Ball is telling me “Not likely.” Problem is, vampires have been a bit too successful out there, and now the networks and studios are doubting that new vampire projects will achieve that kind of follow-through. It’s a very tough sell, and so far, we haven’t had much luck getting it done … but hope lives on! I think it’s a “bide our time” situation, personally, not a “never happen” situation.

MORE ABOUT Morganville Mayoral Elections:

Rachel Caine will be hosting a video contest on her website in which fans can submit their endorsement ads for their ideal Morganville Mayor!  
-    Videos must be 30 seconds or less
-    You can make an endorsement video for any character from the book about why they should be mayor
-    Videos must not contain copyrighted material such as TV, film, images or music from other sources
-    No language you wouldn't hear unbleeped on network TV

We will post the winning videos on the Morganville Vampire site, and winners will receive a prize package that includes: A signed copy of BITTER BLOOD, a Morganville Coffee Mug, an election t-shirt, and a tote bag.

To check out the first 3 videos/endorsement ads for each candidate (more to come soon!), check out:


Speaking of giveaways, I have one for you.

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  1. Oooh Morganville is one of my favorite series! I'm only on book 11 though eep! Great interview and thanks so much for the giveaway. :)

    1. oop I didn't see the comment question. My fave character is, of course, Myrnin. He's so deliciously evil sometimes and then totally sweet. And he wears vampire bunny slippers duh.

  2. This is probably my favorite interview in ALL OF LIFE. Please don't ever change Caine. You fit in too well with us Blood Sucker Geeks Gaga For Myrnin like Jen and me. And Jen, I <3 you like mad. How is it your brain remains intact with all that genius exploding inside?

    1. How about everybody is my favorite character? No. Okay well, Myrnin fo sho. Because he wears fanged-out bunny slippers and because he's my favorite kind of lunatic. Claire and Shane, as a couple, and individually because they are legit bad-asses not to be trifled with and because they're relatable. Eve and Michael, individually as well, for the same reasons. Oliver because he's so darn wicked and deadpan and I love him. I could go on forever, Jen. Are you sure that question was a good idea?

  3. Myrnin for sure!!! I just absolutely love how bloody crazy he is. So intriguing. Also, I see Johnny Depp playing him :D

  4. My favourite character has to be Shane. I simply love all the scenes with him in!

  5. I have to go with Myrnin being my favorite character, he is crazy and quirky.

  6. This is hilarious. All hail Rachel Caine. Genius!

  7. Claire and Myrnin. Claire because she always manages to come off as a completely normal person who just happens to be surrounded by insanity, and Myrnin because he manages to make crazy seem cool. I also love Richard but . . . yeah.

  8. i would have to say myrnin, he tends to drive you crazy, never know what is going to do next margie subia

  9. My favorite character is Myrnin I love the whole crazy scientist thing! I think he's funny too

  10. This is such an awesome series!!!! I would love to have like 20 more in the series it is amazing! :)

  11. Thanks for the giveaway! I love Morganville!

  12. My favorite character has got to be Claire! (OF course and Myrnin but Claire #1) shes so smart and cares about her friends and family! and takes action! A Kick-Ass girl!

  13. my favourite character is most likly shane and claire because the ramance between them is so cute and eve is pretty awsome with her being badass and all <3

  14. The are all awsome but everyone in the glass house is just awsome, how they all just stay together like a family <3

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