Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lucky 2013: Jen's Goals

Happy New Year to everyone! I know some people are a bit superstitious, but having been born on March 13, I have a fondness for the number. 2012 wasn't the greatest year, so I'm looking forward to a fabulous year ahead of me.

1. Read 100 books.
Listen, I am tired of reading being a stressful thing. I barely got to 100 this year, but I did it. I didn't spend all my time reading, but I won't lie: there were times when I deliberately stayed home/canceled plans because I am a homebody and wanted to make sure I reached my reading goal. Like, ditched my friends. I vow to (try) not do that as much this year, because having a social life is pretty important.

2. Chill out on blogging.
I lie when I say I don't stress out about blogging. It's not that I think I'm the best or entitled by any means, but it's very easy to get jealous and bitter over traffic, numbers, ARCs, etc. Hello again, unnecessary stress. If I don't put out content every day, who cares? I don't get paid for this. I already have a full-time job, thanks very much, which causes a lot of stress on its own. So calm down, 2013 Jen. Quality over quantity, right?

3. Go to one bookish event.
Because seriously, my bookish friends are incredible.

4. Read George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series.
My husband bought me these books. I love the show. It's time I indulge in the literary genius.

5. The Obligatory "Exercise. Get Healthy." Goal
I'm fairly happy with my figure, so it's not the weight I'm concerned about. But I eat so much junk that I fear for my arteries. Heck no, I don't want to be one of those 30somethings hospitalized with heart problems and have my nurse think, "wow, she's a nurse. She should've heeded her own advice." Plus, feeling good about myself and feeling FIT? You can't go wrong.

6. Be More Positive
Sure, I love my bitching sessions with friends. It relieves steam. But it also builds this negative energy around me that doesn't go away. I am so incredibly blessed to have what I have. I have a job that pays me well. I work hard and earn my own living. I have a family who loves me. I have a husband who is the love of my life. I have wonderful friends. I am healthy and able to do things for myself. This year I will convey that happiness and lead by example.

7. Catch up on the shows I've started and never finished.
This doesn't help me not be a homebody, but hey, a girl can have guilty pleasures. I am hooked on Gossip Girl right now and I will catch up on that. (Also looking at you, Roswell, Downton Abbey, and Once Upon a Time!)

So yeah, pretty chilled out goals. Because this year, I will be a chilled out girl. :) 
What are some of your new years resolutions?


  1. Happy New Year! You got some great goals there, especially on being more positive. Hope you can relax a bit more on the blogging this year then, blogging shouldn't be a contest (:

  2. Love your goals lady! LOVE THEM! I will be right there with you on chilling out. ALSO, I love #6 and we should encourage each other in that one! <3 I mean, I do love a good bitch session with you but imagine what our positive energy can do!! But I'm also always your number 1 for a bitch session in 2013 when we need it :P

    Looking forward to hopefully seeing you again in 2013 <3 LOVE YOU!!

  3. JEN. First of all, all of your goals are so admirable and awesome, and I don't doubt that you will kick ass at all of them. But #4. I will cheerlead you through it. Those books are insanely good. I will fangirl new readers of that series forever, because as awesome as the show is, the books are that much better. I hope you love them! Or at least like them lots!
    Go get it this year, Jen!!

  4. Great goals Jen and I totally believe you can do them!

  5. Great goals! I really need to do number #7 (as well as number #5) myself. I'm sure you can achieve them all. Good luck and Happy New Year!

  6. Sound like good and reachable goals to me! I'm totally with you on staying positive--I need more of that in my life!

  7. Great goals! I lowered my reading goal this year, too. I know I can hit it, but I don't want my life to be all about reading and only reading. I need to do other things, spend time with friends, etc. And yes! I need to get healthy, too ... I've been eating way too much crap lately and it shows. I must change this!

    Good luck with everything!

  8. A SONG OF FIRE AND ICE NEEDS TO HAPPEN ASAP PLS. But be warned, it will be in direct competition with your "do not be a homebody" resolution because holy shizballs does that book suck away your soul in the best way possible. Please keep me in the loop with all of the things too thank you and God speed.

  9. I think it's good to set goals like these, they sound achievable to me! I hope you love the SoFaI series, they're long, detailed but also fantastic. And I think everyone could stand to be more positive/nice because it's so much easier to be negative ;)

  10. I love all of these goals - and I'm smh at you cancelling plans with real people in favour of imaginary ones. time with friends > books. books will always be there, they will always be waiting for you, so make time for your friends.

    gurl, I am halfway through a storm of swords (book one) and i'm struggling because it is SO big and there are SO many characters. know what i'm gonna do? imma wait until you catch up and then we can read them together. deal? deal.

    I will be here to keep you sane, to tell you to chill the eff out and not worry so much about blogging. you always do you. if that means we do that thing that anna and tara do, where we say one positive thing to each other each day, then so be it. jamie, I think you should get in on this too!! so here's to positivity, because if we never looked up, how would we ever see the stars <3

  11. I think my favorite goal is the one about being more positive. I tend to complain/whine a lot, but I want to embrace a happier, more optimistic attitude. There's a lot I should be grateful for, and there's a lot I can look forward to, so I should definitely embrace that!

    Here's to happy thoughts filling 2013!

  12. YOU CAN DO IT! And yay for positivity (even though I just sent you that whiny text approx. 2 minutes ago hahaha sorrrry)...and I hope your bookish even this year is with yours truly! Miss you!!!!!

  13. Now I feel like a jerk for secretly being pleased that I read past my goal of 150 xD But, I sooo know the feeling of purposely making yourself lonely to sit down and read for hours. Sometimes, it just feels better in the moment, and then the next day you're like WHY DIDN'T I GO TO SEE THAT MOVIE? WALK DOWN THAT STREET? HASSLE THAT OLD LADY (because we are a rambunctious and obnoxious youth)?

    Also, I dig your predisposition to be like SCREW THE STATS, because I wish I could beat that mentality into my obstinate cranium.

    AND DO YOU PLAN ON GOING TO BEA? Because you need to let me know, because I think I will finally be there this year, because I've worked really hard, because deep down I've always wanted to meet you, OBVS, and others who are irrelevant atm.

    Positivity and a fit body are gravy too, but nothing deliciously dramatic can come in life without the ritualistic watching of (provocative) eye-candy in the form of television. I say, we've come far since the 90s :P

  14. I think these all sound like great goals! I especially like the "chill out on blogging" one because that's definitely something I need to keep in mind in 2013. I took such a long blog break, and I know it's because I got too stressed and caught up in trying to do everything. So here's to balance and no pressure in the New Year!


  15. Exercising is awesome! I definitely kicked it up a notch at the end of 2012 and am still going strong in 2013. I recommend checking out Blogilates, her videos are kind of hard but she's chipper, picks good music and will make you want to work your butt off.

    Catching up on TV is awesome. I l second Hannah, DOWNTON ABBEY FOR ALWAYS.

    Also! I think being positive is awesome even though I am whiny and complain a lot hahaha.

    Happy new year, Jen! <3333 Let's meet in 2013 somehow?

  16. OOH OHHHHH and when you get to book 2 of Game Of Thrones, TEXT ME RIGHT AWAY because I should like a reading partner, as I've lost steam not that it's bad, but I'm hardpressed to fit it in my schedule.

  17. Great goals! I'm also looking to go to one bookish event but there never seem to be any in my area. Good luck!

  18. Yay for not stressing. I don't blog-stress either. It causes unhealthy stuff and I don't dig unhealthy stuff. Like overeating (yes I do) and wearing yoga pants all day (yes I do). No, seriously. No stress blogging, for the win.

    Also, I plan on probably coming to BEA instead of Kentucky. I know that could potentially make you sad, but could you maybe just come to BEA and see me there? That will satisfy #3.

  19. I don't think I've ever ditched my friends for a book haha. More power to you though! I wish I got more reading done but with all of the organizations I'm involved in at college and keeping my grades up, it almost seems impossible :( My goal is to take a break once in a while and sit down with a good book. I'm always on the go!