Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Indigo Spell: Who is Marcus Finch? (#1)

You guys, The Indigo Spell comes out in less than a month. And you should be excited, because I've read it and OH MY GOD, it is fire hot. 

But there's this new guy, this Marcus Finch. He could save the day. Or he could ruin everything. And he's about to become a huge part of the remaining Bloodlines books.

Together with Razorbill, for the next two weeks I'll be posting clues about this mysterious character to help pump you up for the coming insanity of the next book. GET EXCITED.

Makes him sound like a hero, doesn't it? OR IS HE?

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Read the first chapter of The Indigo Spell (you know you want to.)

Or treat yourself to some Bloodlines eye candy...

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