Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jen's Book Haul (71)

Inspired by memes hosted at The Story Siren and Tynga's Reviews.

HEY. Don't stop by without entering to win The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead (it ends tomorrow night at midnight EST!) and both Cinder and Scarlet by Marissa Meyer! OH, THE PRIZES TO BE WON.

Guys. My week was fantastic. Not just in books, but there are a couple other things.

As of Tuesday, I'm officially off orientation and on my own at the awesome new job. Granted, yes, I've been a nurse for over a year already. But starting off at a new place is always scary and frustrating. I really feel like the hospital switch has made a better nurse of me. It helps that I'm surrounded by other amazing nurses and aides, who make my job that much more rewarding. 

I got my first UPS My Choice email, which was seriously like Christmas in email form. I know there's a book coming, but I don't know what it is. Thanks, April, for telling me about it! All book bloggers should definitely sign up.

GUYS! I re-discovered the wonder that is the library. Well, at least since I started reading hardcore again. I had to go print out concert tickets (more on that later) and our printer was broken, so Mr. Jen was like, "hey, go to the library and print them out." I hadn't been to the library in over 3 years, probably. So I go print out my tickets and get a new library card. And then I casually wander over to the YA section, you know, just to take a peek. AND I GOT THINGS. Guys, my shelves are so full, I seriously can't even afford to get any more books without compromising living space. The library is my new love.

Mr. Jen and I went to go see Ed Sheeran and Foy Vance last night. OH MY GOD, what a concert. Such talented gentlemen. Ed Sheeran is only 21? He makes me feel so unaccomplished as a human. And Foy? The man has an angel's voice. I've been in love with his music since I heard Gabriel & the Vagabond on Grey's Anatomy. Go listen here and you'll know why I'm so in love.

And, as if you haven't heard, VAMPIRE ACADEMY WILL BE A MOVIE. OH MY GOD. I am in love with the casting choices. It's like they pried the image of Dimitri from my head and made him into a real man. LOVE.

i seem to have misplaced my duster
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Anyway, onto the books!



Shards & Ashes by Melissa Marr & Kelley Armstrong (thanks, Jamie!)

Awkward by Marni Bates (I've wanted to read this since April's review!)
The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima (I know Kristi and Anna loved this. EXCITED.)
Froi of the Exiles by Melina Marchetta (Carla is flipping her shiz right now. I am reading Finnikin, so I figured I may as well have Froi on hand.)

What did you guys get this week?

What you missed on Makeshift Bookmark this week...
Carla redesigned our blog! I'm loving the clean look with the popping colors. YAY, CARLA!

 Jen reviewed The Madman's Daughter by Megan Shepherd and was revolted, nauseated, and disgusted. But in a good way.
 Carla poured her heart out about Just One Day by Gayle Foreman in one of my favorite reviews she's written.
The incredible Marissa Meyer stops by and talks about Le Palais Garnier in France, plus is offering finished copies of Cinder and Scarlet to one lucky winner!
Jen reviews Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo and offers up the perfect casting choice for The Darkling. (And refuses to see otherwise!)
Jen laments about having review-writing block and LOADS UP on the Jen Lawrence GIFs. Don't pretend you don't love it!

Have a wonderful week, everyone. I'm looking forward to debuting a fun, personal feature in the coming weeks. Just putting some finishing touches on it!


  1. I'm also excited about the VA movie :D The actor choices so far look spot-on ^^ And how awesome that one of the writer's of Heathers is working on the script! Love that film!
    And I love your book haul too. Shards and Ashes! Want. I've also heard great things about The Demon King!
    Happy reading, and thanks for stopping by earlier :)

  2. So jealous you got to see Ed Sheeran! Love his music so much :)

  3. Awkward sounds funny. I have Shadow and Bone on my TBR list, as well as, The Madman's Daughter. Thanks for stopping by my stacking
    Jess@ FueledbyFiction

  4. Thanks for stopping by my STS! Awkward sounds cute and I'm dying to read Just One Day. New follower by the way =)

  5. I LOVED LOVED LOVED Froi of the Exiles! More so than Finnikin of the Rock if thats even possible! And I want to read The Demon King too I have heard such great things about this series! Nice Haul and Happy Reading!!

    my StS

    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

  6. I love rediscovering the library. It's like reuniting with your best friend from college or something.

  7. So glad you rediscovered the library! I might be a little biased since I'm a librarian, but I feel like the library is just about the best place ever!

    Also, Awkward is super cute. I hope you enjoy it and all your other books. Happy reading :)

  8. OoooOooOOoOoOOooooh, Shards & Ashes! Lucky! That book sounds awesome! Also, Awkward sounds like it'll be hilarious! Looking forward to reading those two. Hope you enjoy them all! <3

  9. Congrats on the orienation and enjoy your books.
    Happy reading,
    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  10. The library really is amazing and it's so easy to forget about it. I hope you enjoy the Lumatere Chronicles!

  11. Yay for the library! And um, yay for me finding out about more Suzanne Young books. I know, I know. I practically live under a rock. ;)

  12. I like your blog design, I too have recently redesigned my blog. Your lucky you've got someone to design your blog. I love Melina Marchetta's books, she's one of my fave Authors..I won Quintana but still awaiting for it to arrive.

    My Stacking the Shelves post.

    Angelica @
    Paperback Princess

  13. OMG! Shards & Ashes sounds amazing .. I can't wait to see what you think of it :) I hope you enjoy everything & thanks for stopping by my post too !!

  14. You saw Ed freaking Sheernan LIVE!!!!!!!! I am SO jealous right now! Also: I can't wait to see what you think of The Demon King!

  15. Hmm I will have to look into My Choice. I agree, the choice for Dimitri was perfect casting. Rose seems to girly for me, but it is the girls headshot... so I will give her a chance, But I am not sold on the choice for Lissa.

  16. So much experiment about the VA movie! Can't wait!
    Enjoy your books :)

    Sugar & Snark

  17. Vampire Academy is becoming a movie? I guess that is one more reason for me to read the books soon ;-)
    I haven't heard about any of your books before, but they look good. Happy reading.
    My IMM (and check out my very first giveaway, YAY).

  18. Looks like awesome books! I just love the library! :)

    Here's my IMM, if you get a chance:

  19. I'm so jealous that you've got a copy of Shards & Ashes! I simply cannot wait to read it!!

    Enjoy your books, thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Bree :)
    STS @ Coffee Bean

  20. Great haul this week! And congrats on the new job! Crazy jealous you got to see Ed Sheeran as well, he's a true talent! Enjoy your books!

    Amy @ The Book Hookup

  21. I love the over of Awkward. That's one of those books that just looks awesome sitting on your shelf. :) I hope you enjoy your books this week!! Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!

  22. Shards and Ashes looks great! I can't wait until its release. Also, I've wanted to read Cinda Williams Chima's books for a long time. I need to get around to it. Enjoy your books!

    Halee @ Confessions of a Book Addict

    My IMM

  23. Great haul Jen! I loved Finnikin and Froi. Can't wait for book three in that series! I really hope you're enjoying them too. I really want to read Awkward. I have heard some great things about that one. Hope you enjoy everything you got.

    Here is mine: IMM (36)

  24. I can't wait for the Vampire Academy movie. I absolutely loved the book! Great book haul :) Happy reading!

    Old follower GFC. -Megan @ Megz Madd Readz

  25. Sounds like a great batch of books! I hope you love them!
    Brittany @ Spare Time Book blog
    My IMM:

  26. Great haul. I know you will enjoy them.
    My IMM

  27. Shards & Ashes sounds really good! I went to a signing that Marr & Armstrong were at and they are pretty awesome chicks so I will read anything they put out! Great haul, I hope you enjoy all the new goodies!

  28. I've been binging on Netgalley review books for a while now and consequently avoiding my library but your post has encouraged me to dust of my card and put some books on hold. I just put 6 on hold and when they all come in at the same time, I'm blaming you :)

    1. *dust OFF my library card-caught this just as I finished confirming.

  29. I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER. Why? Well, you know, the obvs reasons but ALSO because you let me know about the VAMPIRE ACADEMY MOVIE. Like, I saw something suspect on imdb but I couldn't believe my eyes. UNTIL THIS MOMENT. I'm screeching loud enough to make any book nerd proud. AHHHHHH!

    Also: FINNIKIN IS AMAZEBEANS. And I still need to finish Froi because Carla isn't the only one flipping out. And Awkward is ADORBS. Read it and love it.

  30. See, I have to be careful when I go to the library because before I know it I have 40 items on check-out! But libraries are great, and not to mention that they can save a reader some cash, too

    I can't believe I haven't heard of Shards & Ashes before! (I've just it added to my TBR list.) I hope you enjoy it.

    Happy reading!

  31. First of all, I am SO JEALOUS that you got to see Ed Sheeran in concert. Love him! Lego House is my JAM.

    Second, yay for the library! I only rediscovered mine again last year, though I've had to tone down on the borrowing for the moment since I have so many of my own books to read! I do think it's a great way for us avid readers to save money ;)

  32. UPS My Choice is awesome. I'm glad you finally discovered it. It's so awesome and I love anticipating packages coming in!

    Great books this week. I still need to start that Melina Marchetta series. GAH. I have heard so much about it but I am having trouble finding TIME! I bought the first book and it has been sitting and collecting dust for far too long.

  33. Great Mailbox! I've read Shards & Ashes!

    Here's my Mailbox

  34. Nice haul lovey. Also, no need to send Shards back! It's for youuu.