Sunday, February 24, 2013

This One Thing: I SWEAR I'll Do This Year

This One Thing is a feature where I'll be talking about, obviously, one thing. Any thing. Every thing. I love books, which is why I have this blog. But I love to talk about all kinds of crap. And this seems like the perfect opportunity to do so.

Okay, this was actually one of my resolutions this year. AND STILL IS. I managed to push myself to work out like a maniac in 2009 (before my wedding, HUZZAH!) and got in the best shape of my life. I suppose a wedding dress will motivate anyone to get their butt in gear, right? And I'll tell you what: after I got married, I LET GO.  I'd never really struggled with my weight before, so I've been pretty fortunate in that aspect, but it's all about how you feel.

I worked a desk job for five years. And after matrimonial bliss set in and I enrolled into nursing school and the cortisol levels shot through the roof, I put on about 20lbs. On my 5'4" frame, 20lbs makes a difference. And unfortunately, life is not perfect, so the weight didn't get distributed to all the BENEFICIAL body areas (can someone please find a way to make this happen?!)

So for the two years I was in nursing school, I stress ate and stress drank. I began to struggle with my weight. I was afraid to wear certain clothing because that little nagging voice was all "ew, look at your arms. And are you sure you fit into those jeans anymore? I mean, come on. You had to basically drop it like it's hot in order to squeeze them on. And WHAT DID I TELL YOU about drying your jeans?! PUT THAT SHIRT BACK, IT'S TOO TIGHT." 

And it's horribly depressing to have your brain yell at you like that. Now I'm not one of those people who believes that weight defines you. People are beautiful in all shapes and sizes. But again: I didn't feel good about myself.


I'm at a point in my life where nursing keeps me busy. I don't sit down often. Those hospital halls? They're long. (I've been meaning to get a pedometer to scope out how many steps I take per 12 hour shift!) So, take away the desk job -- and guaranteed lunch breaks -- and I dropped all the weight I put on. 

I figure this is the perfect time to reinstate one of my previous life goals: Operation Britney Body Circa 2001.

I know you guys remember Britney Spears' famous snake dance at the VMAs. THOSE ABS. I will have them. And the best way to go about doing it? (Considering my disdain for exercise and other restrictions due to my love of, well, not moving.) Well, I'll learn from the master herself.

When I did work out, Jillian Michaels kicked my ass. Like I had to FALL into my chairs in order to sit down, because my quads were rendered useless. I want that again. The awesome thing about Jillian's workouts? They're quick. The 30 Day Shred is only 25ish minutes, which is good for those days when you want to get it done & over with quickly! The No More Trouble Zones video is about 50 minutes, but OH MAN, does it pass quickly. (This is the video I used to get into wedding shape. IT WORKED.) And the Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism video is not one that I have done very much, but this one focuses on some serious cardio. I HATE CARDIO. But I think I'll have to push myself to burn off some of the bad stuff.

Plus, I have a vacation in July that I'm looking forward to. What better time than now? It'll be nice to feel happy, healthy, and fit. 

And by the way, these are all super cheap on Amazon. If you want a fast, effective workout, I highly recommend!

Have any of these DVDs worked for you? Have you tried any others? TELL ME, because I love new ideas and new workouts will help keep things fresh for this wishy-washy work-out-er :)


  1. I love Turbo Jam! There is a 20 minute version of that that I love to do too. Jillian's Shred didn't work for me because I hate push-ups, but I did sweat a lot when I did it. I also love Tony Horton's Great Abs Guaranteed (which came as a bonus on my Turbo Jam DVD). And April and I have done a lot of the videos which are great for toning :)

  2. This is something I'm working on too! I do a lot of walking, because my dog DEMANDS a walk at least every other day. I'm a sort of runner (when the shin splints don't attack, going to get professionally fit for running shoes in March). I haven't done any of Jillian's DVD's yet but I do own the 30 day shred. I'm a wishy-washy worker-outer too. I went so far as to join a gym AND get a personal trainer or I would have given up by now.

    I spend a lot of time on the Health and Fitness section of Pinterest. Always a TON of recipes and workouts on there. Plus, I like to check out Bodyrock. It can be found on youtube. Actually, a lot of workouts can be found on youtube.

    I also log everything I eat and all my exercise on My Fitness Pal. It has helped keep me motivated to get this extra weight off.

    Good luck!

  3. I like the "This One Thing" idea!! I absolutely adore my books but there are a bunch of other things I want to chat about, too. And getting in shape is definitely one of them. As a teacher, I'm on my feet quite a lot but I took a new job this year -- waaaay too much stress (and cortisol) and too much butt-in-chair (counter to what I like as a teacher but we've got a yearbook and newspaper to put out, staff who doesn't know what they're doing since everyone's brand I'm sitting next to people, showing them what to do). I'm going to follow your path and let Jillian kick my ass!

  4. I just bought Jillian's 6 weeks to 6 pack and have done it a couple times in the last couple weeks. It definitely kicked my ass too and only takes 30 minutes, so I'm hoping it'll be a good one to get at least my abs in shape lol. Maybe if we all try to work out regularly, we can motivate each other...

  5. I'm a big fan of Jillian Michaels, that woman kicks your butt and can basically scare you to being fit. I love the 30 day shred for a quick workout.

    Nowadays I don't really focus on my weight, I know I'm healthy and as long as my jeans fit I'm happy. But I am trying to eat healthy food, like 90% of the time, and I'm trying to build strength, stamina and flexibility. So I go running (while listening to Jillian's podcasts for motivation) and I occasionally do some yoga, my two favourite forms of exercise.

  6. I used to work in the recreation dept of a nursing home and I know all about the no guaranteed lunch breaks, the long halls, and the never sitting down (and I seriously admire & appreciate all that nurses do -- you girls (and guys) work hard!) -- I didn't work out much the years I worked there, but that freakin job was a work-out in itself! I wish you luck with your new fitness plan :)

  7. Like Shanyn says we've done a lot of blogilates videos and they are the best. I think you would LOVE them as the girl isn't weird or annoying or anything -- but like one of us.

    I LOVE the 30 Day Shred! love it. I haven't done it in awhile though. Lately I've just been focusing on cardio -- because I read my kindle while I bike thus killing two birds with one stone.

    It makes me sad that you don't like cardio -- it's my favorite. I would so much rather run than lift weights or do pushups or whatever. To each their own I guess.

    BUT! I am very excited to hear about you starting your fitness journey again. Being fit is the very best thing you can do for yourself <3333

  8. Jillian is the DEVIL and I love her so. She really will whip your ass into shape as long as you stay focused and dedicated. I've been struggling with my weight for a while now, and I finally found the motivation. I also found 2 workout buddies and we do personal training together. That has been a freakin lifesaver. Now, I can go to the gym without them and still enjoy the workout. Things aren't happening rapidly for me because I have a very slow metabolism and a very large appetite. I started counting calories using and have really been amazed at how much that helps.

    Good luck with those abs. I think I have abs under my fat. I can't wait to meet them. :P

  9. Yes, get a pedometer! You'll have a FIT plus plus plus it's GREAT for motivation. Seriously, they're inexpensive and just clip on your scrub pants, like on the waistband. DO ITTTT and then let me know how much your eyes BUGG out after your shift.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Don't forget diet! You can't out exercise a poor diet. Plus a thing I saw on pinterest said that abs are 70% made in the kitchen (my trainers confirmed - not the 70%, but the general idea).

    Congratulations on working on your fitness!

  12. This is a great goal for the year! I'm hoping to get more physically fit as well this year, mostly for the sake of avoiding (future) health issues. Plus, my endurance and stamina is SORELY lacking. What a great idea!

  13. Ohh, great! I love when people who love books - like me - start talking about a healthy lifestyle...which I kind of consider a hobby (okay, obsession) of mine. I have not tried any of those dvds -mainly because I'm from Germany and I'm pretty sure we don't have them here-but I can only agree to what Justine said - all the exercise could never make up for unhealthy food choices. As for working out, I am a runner and I love it so obviously I'd recommend that. But if you hate cardio that much another thing I do if I'm really not in the mood to exercise is look up a circuit online and then watch Youtube videos (i.e. bookshelf tours) as I'm doing my crunches :)

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