Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Top Ten Best Bookish Memories

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and born & raised by Jamie.

1. When my parents would read to me as a kid.
Seriously, I would not shut my eyes until my dad read me at least one book each night. Which, of course, led to me reading on my own. Which led to the horrible lull from age 13 to age 23. Which led to me rediscovering reading and it taking on a whole new presence in my life. That's the awesome thing about books: they'll always welcome you back. Speaking of which...

2. Rediscovering books through Twilight.
Laugh it up, but I have never had a reading experience like I did with Twilight. Unlike so many of you, I didn't read Harry Potter when I was a kid. To this day, I still have yet to read a series that has enraptured me in the way Twilight did. It gave me this insatiable thirst for MORE BOOKS. Now I've got like 700 on my shelves. This is reading power, people.

3. Starting my blog in 2010.
I was so petrified, because I had discovered the book blogging world and, for whatever reason, thought that all bloggers were superstars, namely Kristi and April. I was so starstruck by them. The best part? They're some of my favorite people to talk to. Everyone was so welcoming and I've formed some of my best friendships in book bloggers.

4. Going to my first author signing.
The very first author I met was Kelly Creagh at a Barnes & Noble in 2010. I went by myself, because I had just started blogging and Kentucky has, like, NO bookish people. She was so sweet and nice and I was so horribly starstruck that I probably said something ridiculous. Also? I met her mom. Her mom rocks.

5. Going to Dark Days of Supernatural in 2011. 
This is where the magic happened. My very first blogger get together. I finally got to meet so many of my favorite bloggers!

6. Going to RT Con 2012.
AGAIN with the awesome bloggers. Nobody else compares to these girls. 

7. Epic Slumber Party of Amazingness + Photo Shoot.
Anna, Jamie, Tara, and I all slept over at Anna's house in Chicago the night before RT. We all practically died from the epicness of the whole night.

8. Meeting Richelle Mead.
I died. I said the most idiotic things. She still took a picture with me.

9. Meeting Jeri Smith-Ready.
Only the sweetest, nicest person ever. 

10. When Melissa Marr hugged me. 

11. Getting to know all of you guys.
Cop out answer? Well, it's not a cop out if I mean it :)

12. When Carla joined Makeshift Bookmark
YES, I realize I'm adding this late, but when I typed up this post, I was horribly sleep deprived. This is totally one of my most favorite blogging memories, as she was one of the bloggers I held in highest esteem when starting out. Her reviews were/are insightful and hilarious and AMAZING. How effing LUCKY am I to have such a personality as my co-blogger? Answer: VERY. She's the best. LOVE YOUR FACE.


  1. Wow so many epic memories & momenents. I am so jelous that you can meet with other blog bloggers and go to conventions and all. I am contemplating moving to USA just for that. LOL :D
    Dragana @ Bookworm Dreams
    My best bookish memories

  2. If it hadn't of been for the Twilight series, I probably would have never fallen in love with YA. I'd read Harry Potter, but when the series finished, I thought it would be best if I stuck to reading adult fiction, which I didn't really enjoy, which meant that I didn't read that much. Then came Twilight and boom, I was reading again, so I can definitely relate to your second memory. Great list! :)

    My TTT

  3. That are some great memories and pictures. I do think that for their generations both HP and Twilight have been important to return readers to books so I am glad they exist :)

  4. RT Con is one of my favorite memories of ANYTHING, bookish or not yayyyy us xoxoxo

  5. Love your list Jen! You and I have similar experiences with books when it comes to the whole Twilight phenomenon. It's that series that turned me into a reading fanatic. And I don't regret that one bit. Look what it did.. it introduced me to YOU! <3

  6. Bahaahahha I love that my dumb face is at the forefront of that picture. That was seriously one of the highlights of last year!!

  7. Aww, sounds like a lot of awesome bookish memories indeed! Here's to hoping that I get to meet YOU sometime and SOON.

  8. Great list. I loved that you included your parents reading to you.

  9. I'm really happy you did include Twilight & that it got you back into reading! I feel like there's been a lot more hating on that series than there used to be because of the movies. The books may have their flaws, but I still have a major soft spot for them too. My brother also had a 10 year reading lull I wrote about in my TTT -- better late than never, I say :)

  10. Those are great bookish memories! Nothing wrong with being swept away by the Twilight wind. They really do suck you in. I am so jealous you went to RT. I wish I could go this year, but I can't get that time off of work :(

    Plus, it is totally expensive.

  11. I love your list! It's so sweet :) And those pictures are great, especially the one from the slumber party. And number 10 totally isn't a cop out. The reading/blogging community is amazing!

  12. Nice list. I like the pictures :D It's great that you found your love for books again. I've always loved reading and I have great memories of all the books my mother read to me when I was little.


  13. Love your list. I feel similar about Twilight.

  14. <3 awesome list! i agree having carla join makeshift bookmark has been so much fun. :) and i love seeing snippets of the slumber party on all of your blogs. xo

  15. Sleepovers FOREVER. I hope I get in on one in the future!

  16. Aw, this post is awesome! I love all those moments, but I especially love the photo of your stupendous sleepover. :) It's amazing how blogger friends can so quickly become friends in real life. I definitely talk to my online friends way more, hah.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  17. There are few words to describe the fun of that sleepover. I smell a repeat in the future... <3<3<3