Saturday, March 2, 2013

Blog Tour: Interview with Debra Driza, Author of MILA 2.0

Today, I'm privileged enough to welcome Debra Driza to the blog. Debra is the author of the kick-butt MILA 2.0, released earlier this year by HarperTeen (which you should totally check out, by the way!) Debra was kind enough to sit down and answer some of my totally ridiculous questions for the MILA 2.0 blog tour!

1. I'm one of those people who is totally visual, so I immediately try and cast my book characters so I can assign a face to the swooning. (I can't help it.) However, I couldn't quite put my finger on a dream cast for MILA 2.0. So I need your input: If you had free reign over the casting of the movie, who would be your ideal choices?
 Ha, and I’m actually the opposite!  While I sometimes get inspired by certain characters/actors, I’ve never actually casted a book in my head. Honestly, I don’t really like getting tied down to a very specific image of a person while I’m writing, because I find it distracting. It’s the same when I’m reading other authors’ books, too. It’s like I get so caught up in trying to mesh the exact visual on the screen with the written character on the page, that my brain overloads and shuts down. *is weird*

2. What would be the perfect drink pairing for your MILA 2.0 readers to help enhance the experience? (Any drink!)
Um, WD40?  JOKING—please don’t drink that!  I think that since Mila longs so much to be a regular girl in this book, the drink should be something pretty basic, like maybe a chocolate shake. Mmmm.  Chocolate. (Though, if we based it on what I drank while writing the book, it would be something super caffeinated. Or, a chai tea latte. I think I single-handedly kept Starbucks in business.)

3. Ha! I think with the amount of chai tea lattes I consume, we are probably a team effort in the well-being of Starbucks. Anyway, so Mila is kind of hardcore. Do you think she could be the UFC champion? (I watched the fights last weekend, so naturally this question popped into my brain.)
Yay UFC!  And Mila would TOTALLY be a UFC champion. Though, it might be kind of cheat-y, given her special abilities.

4. It would be cheat-y. But I'd bet she'd be the one to take down Ronda Rousey ;) Next up, name your biggest struggle while the road to publication with MILA 2.0. What about the easiest aspect?
Hmmm, biggest struggle, that’s a tough one. It would probably be:  remaining dedicated to writing, pre-agent. It can be hard to justify carving out such a big chunk of your life for writing, especially before you progress in your career. People will doubt you, think you’re wasting your time—I can’t stress how helpful it is to have a support network in place.
Another big struggle for me is keeping the doubts at bay.
The easiest aspect?  On some days, I might tell you that none of the publishing process is easy. But today I will say it’s OPENING BIG BOXES OF YOUR FINSIHED BOOK FROM YOUR PUBLISHER! =D

5. Ahem. Might we have a slow-burning love triangle in our midst? (I do love a love triangle, no matter what people say!)
I’m a big sucker for love triangles, too!  *fist bump*  That said, I am sworn to secrecy by my editor (MUAHAHAHAAAA!)
But if we DID have a slow-burning love triangle, which team are YOU on?  ☺

Debra, you are a lovely person. Thank you so much for stopping by! GUYS, seriously. Check out MILA 2.0. Totally sci-fi. Totally robots. TOTALLY FUN.
And thanks to Mundie Moms for hosting the tour!


  1. OOOO what is this I hear about slow burning and triangles? I seriously need to hurry up and read Mila.

    Also, I never imagine book characters as actors/actresses but get my own image of them as well. So, it's kind of cool when authors actually don't dream cast.

    Great interview questions, Jen and awesome answers Debra!

  2. I'm so excited to read this!! I've been waiting for another good cyborg/robot book to come out. Huge fan of kickass girls. The cover of this book is gorgeous.

  3. Mila 2.0 sounds like it's a good book! I love the fact that both of you are chai tea latte fans (ME TOO! *fist bump*) and I really enjoyed reading this interview :)

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