Tuesday, March 19, 2013

In which Carla tackles a severe case of TEABS*

*TEABS - The End of an Awesome Book Syndrome - penned by the awesome ladies over at Forever Young Adult

I should start this post with a confession - I am a Drama Queen when it comes to books. I get WAY too emotionally invested (which I guess is a good thing as a reader because it means that I really connect with the characters and immerse myself fully into the story the author is telling me). And by emotionally invested, I mean I turn into a head case. Here is a list of things I have done whilst reading -

Thrown books at the wall
Ripped out offending pages
Scribbled over sentences that made my blood boil
Hid a book under my bed then threw it in the bin
Thrown up from crying to much
Bit a book in a flying rage


In January I read the Gracie Faltrain series by Cath Crowley - Cath is undeniably one of the most talented YA authors with books on the shelves. Her words and her writing speak to me as a reader in a way no other book ever has. I love her characters, I love the twisted webs they get tangles in, I love her luscious prose and her ability to make me feel so much. In January I read the Gracie Faltrain books and proceeded to lose my mind. Here is the evidence.

EXHIBIT A - Text between me and Jenny displaying my unhinged state.

EXHIBIT B - Tweets between me and Cath where I admit wanting to shove popcorn in her face. 

EXHIBIT C - Tweets between me, Maggie and Noelle - the girls who helped me get my feelings under control.

EXHIBITS D, E, F & G - Email excerpts from conversations between me, Noelle and Maggie.

I had a bad case of the emo TEABS but seriously you guys, I love love love love this series. Cath Crowley knows whats up, even when she is stomping on your heart then taping it back together with love. So I hope you read these books and if this post today hasn't persuaded you that you NEED THESE BOOKS IN YOUR LIFE then maybe my review tomorrow will? 

If you want to become demented like me and join the Cath Crowley fan club, then I suggest reading ALL of her books. You will not be sorry.


  1. First of all, this post cracked me up. Apparently I need to go read these Gracie Faltrain books. I love the drama queen feels we get from books.

    Also, I totally throw books at the wall too. Like the third book in Libba Bray's series, A Sweet Far Thing. I was reading it at my boyfriend's old apartment and I threw that book at the wall so hard. I'm ashamed to say I never touched it again and have no idea what happened to it after he moved.

    1. you really do! drama queen feels to the max.

  2. There are new Cath books? Graffiti Moon is one of my most favorite books - it's so good. Also, book temper tantrums! That's pretty funny :)

    1. the Gracie Faltrain book was her debut novel!

  3. I just bought two of her books, Graffiti Moon and A Little Wanting Song, a couple weeks ago. It'll probably be ages til I get to read them, but I'm excited!

    Also, I just looked up the Gracie Faltrain books and they're not available in the US. My tears, they are abundant.

    1. you better be excited - they're simply amazing.

      i got my copy of the first Gracie book from abebooks and then really struggled to get hold of the next two books which was TORTURE and then realised that fishpond is basically my life saviour.

  4. I really want to read more by this author! and I love your passion & enthusiasm for books Carla :) you make my heart smile!

    1. I MISS YOU. if anyone can match my enthusiasm for books then it's you <3

  5. I've definitely thrown books across the room before but that was mostly in rage. I was like, eleven too so I've always had strong feelings on stupidity. ANYWAY! That is not the point. I really liked Graffiti Moon but haven't read any of her other books. This post definitely convinced me to read them. I totally get what it means to be consumed by a series that you just want to talk about it all.the.time.

    1. I am overly dramatic. I was beside myself reading Monsters of men - so much so that I vommed from crying too much. I then hid the book under my bed for MONTHS because even having it on my bookcase gave me heart palpitations. anyways, i did en up finishing it but MAN THE FEELS WERE STRONG.

      read all the books - my mantra when it comes to cath crowley. heck, when it comes to any aussie author.

  6. I love the fact that you were so connected to the book that it caused you to do all of these things! It's been a while since that's happened for me, but I do know that I've gone through sobbing, tossing books away and burying my face in pillows to scream and even just dropping the book and glaring at it.

    I've only read Graffiti Moon from her, but I can't wait to check out this series now, thanks to your post!

    1. you're welcome. I have a bad habit of throwing books.

  7. I haven't read any of her books, but am definitely putting some on my TBR list after reading this. Of course, I'm a little scared. I'm used to crying or getting emotional while reading - but ripping out pages? scribbling out sentences? Eek! I'm not sure I can handle that kind of emotion!!

    1. that actually wasn't this book lololol. like I say, I'm a drama queen

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  9. Bwahahaha. Like I told you before, emotional investment in fictional characters is like a mandatory requirement for me at this point haha. OBVIOUSLY we were meant to be friends! --Noelle :D

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