Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Thoughts: Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi

HOLY CRAP, I WROTE A REVIEW. So much for that "back to blogging" thing, right? Life gets in the way, y'hear? Mama said there'd be days like this. I'm happy to be back, even if I only post every month.


I've been looking forward to this book for seventy years, it seems. I definitely appreciate the fact that this book did not have an Obvious Choice re: suitor. I honestly had no idea who Juliette would end up with. I DIG THAT. Keep me guessing, Mafi. So let's break it down:

 Warner. I love Warner. He's so complex and has the best character development out of anyone in the series.

Kenji. This is a no-brainer. The dude continues to be awesome. His one-liners, his swag, his humor are unmatched. His only flaw? Choosing to BFF it up with Juliette. (More on that later.) Though I do appreciate him calling her out on all her crap.

 The love scenes. AHEM. Mafi, I bow to your love scenes. Unravel Me Chapter 62, WHO?

Juliette. I really can't stand the girl. I don't identify with her at all and the attempt at the transformation to a Katniss type didn't work for me. There is no way I believe that the girl whined and cried and then became this all-powerful, self-assured beacon of hope for all. Don't get me wrong, I know people can change. Juliette's change just felt rushed and unbelievable. Most characters fawned over her and gushed over her strength and beauty and, don't hate me, but I got a Bella Swan vibe from her. 

Adam. I can't say too much without being spoilery, but I grew to despise the guy. Perhaps that's unfair, but he had some seriously psycho moments.

The ending. This is more of a gray area for me. I felt the ending was rushed, but I was relatively satisfied. This is one of those "pretty little bow" endings, however.

Got it Covered
PRETTY. I like these covers so, so much more than the girl in the dress. 

The Last Word
I know it seems like I didn't enjoy the book. I did. But when a protagonist becomes so unlikable to me, I cannot help but categorize it as a flop. I've never really liked Juliette, but this book was the nail in the coffin for me. I am sad to see this series end, because Warner, and I cannot wait to see what Mafi drums up next. She has talent, people. So much talent. 

Disclaimer: Ignite Me was published February 4, 2014 by Harper Collins. I purchased this e-book with my own cold hard cash. You couldn't pay me to give a dishonest review. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Think I'll Return to Blogging Today

"Do you think she woke up one morning and said 'I think I'll return to blogging today?'"

That's not QUITE how the quote goes.
And I was never the Elle Woods of blogging.
But I must confess: I miss it.

I got so irritated with so many little things re: blogging before I quit almost a year ago, it was a domino effect. I just didn't have the passion for it anymore. I loathed the idea of reading a book because I knew I would have to come up with a couple witty paragraphs about it. Plus, my reading speed tanked for whatever reason, so the review frequency took a major turn for the worse. And oh, the ARC envy.


Turns out a hiatus is just what I needed, though. (Is it a hiatus if it's like 10 months? Or a sabbatical? Or a mental health year? Or do I really give an eff?) Sure, things have changed (AHEMihadababyAHEM) and I'm not the same blogging person I once was, but damnit you guys. DAMNIT. I miss blogging. I miss the community and the bookish conversations and just relishing in the overall excitement. But this time, things will be different.

Jen's New Blogging Commandments (or "How I Plan to  Post Things on Occasion, Perhaps.")

1. Post when I please. 
I thought maybe I'd set a goal to post 3x a week, but there are days when I don't eat or shower until like, 3pm. So that's out. Plus, the main purpose for starting up again is to reclaim some "me time" when and where I can afford it. Who knew it'd be so hard with a 6 week old?

2. Numbers? What numbers?
Stats and hits and visitors and followers? Yeah, I won't be keeping up with that this time around. I think I forgot how.

3. ARCs be damned.
Given recent developments, I can probably only read 3 books a month IF I REALLY TRY, so any additional requesting for print ARCs probably won't be happening. (Plus, that's where the blogger envy starts and I'm steering clear of that!)

4. Why limit to just books?
I have other interests. Let me show you them.

Because everyone's a winner, right? Seriously though, I don't want this to turn into what it was before: a burden. That little niggling feeling in the back of my mind, "shouldn't you be blogging instead?" I don't get paid for this. I don't HAVE to do anything. I just miss you guys and feel so out of the loop with new books and authors. I reserve the right to get excited about a book even if I won't get to read it for 18 years. It's all about that spark, that enthusiasm.

To summarize: I'm happy to be back. Even if "back" means that I post a couple times a month. My priorities may have changed, but I'm still me. It may take me 2 decades to finish a book (hahahaha, I HOPE I'M KIDDING), but I still been out over them just as much. And I may suck at commenting for forever, but I still love you guys, too.

PS. I do plan on sprucing up the blog a little bit, in due time. (Any takers? Halp.)